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While Jay Walks to the Children of Hutto, Texas Walks Away

Email from Jay J. Johnson-Castro.

On April 13th we held the press conference at the Capitol…and did the first day of Hutto Walk II…to protest ICE and CCA’s imprisonment of innocent children in Taylor, TX. Not until today did I learn that Michele Adams, Policy Specialist for the Texas Department of Family and Child Protective Services EXEMPTED CCA and Hutto from the laws that protect families and children in Texas.

But…thanks to a young journalist of the San Antonio Current…we now know. He shared the attached with me…as I now share them with you.

As we endeavor to get the House Committee of State Affairs to allow a public hearing on HCR 64…it becomes even more sinister how corrupted this system is in protecting the immoral and criminal treatment of the children and their mothers from some 30 countries at the Hutto prison camp.

Anyone who is remotely aware of how Hutto was prior to the Hutto Walk and Vigil in December, prior to the suit by the Texas Civil Rights Project, prior to the ACLU law suits, prior to the Women’s Commission’s condemnation of Hutto, prior to the editorial boards of the Austin American-Statesman and the Houston Chronicle…compare the attached letters. You’ll see flagrant and willful dishonesty. But…at least we have it in writing. And we have a copy of the DFPS in writing…just two weeks old.

It is gut wrenching when one thinks of the Ibrahim family and the fact that the children had no access to their pregnant mother at night. I suspect that when some of you sift through this…there will be an outrages so hot that the Lege will feel the heat of spontaneous combustion.

Is it yet time for an investigation by the Texas Attorney General, the Texas Rangers? How about the FBI? Who has the courage and the moral fiber to stand up to this immoral activity?

I know some of you will know exactly what to do and with whom to share this information. I, for one, have said all along that anyone who is complicit with the imprisonment of these little children…should be indicted and serve in one of those cells in Hutto.

“No Child Left Behind Bars”

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