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Why We Must Go to Hutto Christmas Eve

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro (Dec. 23)

Mornin’ amigos…

Christmas Eve Vigil for the children imprisoned with their mothers at the Hutto prison camp in Taylor , Texas .

Time: Just one hour…between 5pm-6pm. Music and candles.

Location: 1400 Welch St. , Taylor , TX .

Regarding this vigil, I received this caution from someone who knows more about the inside of the Hutto prison camp than most of us.

I would be careful though, because I heard that as a result of the last vigil, the detainees were kind of in lock-down most of the day. They didn’t get to go outside that day. So I would be careful, because you wouldn’t want ICE to get upset and take it out on the detainees. Just a heads-up.

I feel the tearing expressed above. For me…it is very simple. It’s a must to go. We want the children and their moms to know that someone in America cares.

What do we have to do? Wait for them to start tattooing numbers on their wrists? This has to be exposed. We will shame these entities. We will free these people. Freedom doesn’t come easy…or cheap.

Chertoff & Company rule by fear. Yet…if YOU were inside…which would YOU rather experience? A lock down because Americans were outside protesting your conditions? Or spend Christmas with your kids for 22 hours on Christmas day…in your cell anyway…knowing that NO ONE was out there?

While attorneys cannot inspect the inside of this facility…nor can the media…did you know who can. Any significant investor in privatized prisons can tour the facilities. As a country, are we now moving from a military-industrial complex to an ICE/immigration-privatization complex? Who really rules America when these conditions are secret from the public and the media…but open to those with the capitol? Chertoff & Company…and their financial backers?

Did you know that ICE has offices in Hutto…with some 50 ICE personnel…or so an official told Fox News on video.

Did you know that the helpless in the prison camps have no way of communicating with the outside…unless the buy the CCA phone cards? $20 for 20 minutes. Can someone explain to me how a terrorized mother and her children who have been striped of all human dignity and has no money gets justice in our country?

That’s my take on this issue…and that of Teye and Belen. We want the moms and kids to know that we are there. That some one cares. That we care. And Chertoff & Company need to know too! Some folks will be attending. Some media too. The message is spilling all over the world. Just Google “hutto detention families children”. In just one week, the message is now global.

Our presence will bring hope…something that fascism does not want these people to experience or enjoy. Some individuals and media have indicated that they’ll be there. Where we are few or not…makes no difference. The moms and especially the children will know the “We the people of the United States of America” have not forgotten them…and will not forget them. We demand their freedom.

What is almost as good is that Chertoff & Company will know too! It is our belief that what is being committed here behind the razor wires of the Hutto prison camp is not only immoral but criminal. We are demanding democracy and due process. A congressional investigation…and a UN investigation. This is beyond war crimes. This is a crime on humanity…to imprison mothers and children who come to this country seeking asylum.

Over this issue… America has a chance to wake up! Really wake up!!!

Silent night. Holy night. All is calm. All is bright. Tomorrow night!!!


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