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Why We're Wall-kin' Against These Walls Again, Feb. 18

Email from Jay Johnson Castro, Feb. 12, 2007

Good mornin’ y’all…

Hey Texans. Take a peak at the attached pictures. This is what Bush, Chertoff plan for the Rio Grande . Well … they did plan something like this … until we started doing some Wall-Kin’ and speakin’ against the proposed wall that would divide our Rio Grande community of sister cities. Unfortunately … they are proceeding in California . So we’ll be Wall-Kin’ again this weekend … in California .

Border wall near San Diego Border Wall-K I was from Laredo to Brownsville , Texas …October 10-25. 205 miles.

Border Wall-K II was from Ciudad Acuña to Piedras Negras, Coahuila , Mexico … November 7-10. 60 miles.

Border Wall-K III. This coming Sunday, February 18th will be in San Diego, CA . Dan Watman and his Border Meet UP Group have invited me to join them to go wall-king against the border wall again. Dan’s group is from both sides of the border … Tijuana and San Diego. They have been meeting at the wall for years … where the wall ends into the Pacific Ocean … reading poetry, dancing to salsa, sharing gourmet tid-bits … and even embracing one another through the wall. They won’t be able to do that much longer.

To those of you in California, Arizona and New Mexico…who are offended by the idea of a Berlin wall, who are outraged by the deaths of poor and desperate people seeking the American dream that our immigration policy precipitates, outraged by the prison camps … for profit … that are lining our southern border, who are fully cognizant that the 4000 of Canadian border has no check points, less than a 1000 border patrol … while Bush and Chertoff plan on adding another 15,000 to the already existing 15,000 in order to fully militarize our border community, you are welcome to join us on this Border Wall-K III.

By looking at the attached picture, we see San Diego in the distance … or on the other side of the wall that is being constructed in front of the existing border wall. Anyone half cognizant realizes that this is not only a moral tragedy, and an economic stupidity … it is an ecological and environmental disaster. So … Dan Watman shared the following link with me that should be encouraging to border residents. This is just the beginning.

Border wall near San Diego

But we’re not just going to complain about it folks. We’re going to do something about it. In Texas … where we have 65% of the US-Mexico border … we’ve torn the border wall down before it ever got built. We did it before the November 7th elections. The people who have us in Iraq … want to build Berlin like walls on American soil … walls between us and a neighboring country. So much for “free trade”.

We tore the Texas portion of the wall down with people power. “We the People”. The elected officials and law enforcement along the Rio Grande border added their voices to those of the grass roots. This is not about “homeland security”. This is about apartheid … in America . What Chertoff cannot divide us from … in our hearts and our minds … are our friends, neighbors, family and associates on the Mexico side.

We are the confluence of all the Americas …from Alaska to Argentina . We are the blend of the Americas . We who live on the Texas Mexico border love the mix. We love both sides. We’re not afraid of Mexicans, Latinos … Hispanics. The majority of us already are. And many of those who aren’t are married to or are friends and associates with Latinos. Down here on the border … we ARE the US Latin America.

We are the part of the United States where “Winter Texans” and “Snow Birds” flock by the tens of thousands … to enjoy our winters, because the warmth of our weather and of warmth of our culture. These Winter border residents love to visit, shop and dine in Mexico . Soon … we will have them on board with us to defend our US Latin America.

We hope California , Arizona and New Mexico border residents too will stand up, Wall-K the border against a fence that already exists, that is being extended … and tear it down. Let’s not wait a half a century like those in Germany did … to “tear that wall down”. It was not the government that tore it down … it was the will and the power of the common people who tore the wall down.

We will be sending you an update in a couple of days as to the exact time of Border Wall-L III … and the starting place … and contact info. Stay tuned …


P.S. I’ll be on the road in an hour … heading to the Vigil VI in Taylor , Texas … against the Hutto prison camp. Then off to CA to learn more about the mass graves in Holtville , CA … then off to San Diego . jjj


The Border Ambassador



Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Del Rio, Texas, USA
Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila , Mexico

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