Winter Texans Invited to Become Deputies for ''No Wall'' Campaign

Press Release


All Winter Texans in the Valley are invited to a ‘party party’ at Pepe’s on the River Bar and Grill (2601 S Conway St, Mission, TX) on the Rio Grande from two until five p.m. this Saturday, February 2 (2008).

Jeff Reed of Pepe’s and are hosting the event to
‘deputize’ attendees as Border Ambassadors to return home and urge their friends, neighbors and relatives to stand with them and Valley residents
against ‘the wall.’

According to Reed, musical entertainment will begin as early at 1 p.m. The ‘party party’ will include numerous door prize drawings and area politicos and citizens will answer attendees’ questions about the lack of need for a Wall to separate Texas from Mexico. was founded by Jay Johnson-Castro of Del Rio to campaign against construction of the wall as well as to promote tourism and economic growth on the Border. Its membership stretches from Brownsville to El Paso and on to the California coast.

“By deputizing the Winter Texans, who love the ambiance of the Rio Grande Valley, we will have ambassadors all over the U.S. dispelling the un-truths that are being told by many of the talk show hosts and TV commentators,” stated Johnson-Castro.

“We support the actions of our elected officials and landowners who refuse to bow to the heavy-handed tactics of the DHS,” he continued. “However, this ‘party party’ is primarily about the camaraderie that Texans enjoy with our great winter visitors.”

For more information, call Sarah Boone at 830-768-1100 before 1/31/08. On or after 1/31/08, call Jay Johnson-Castro at 830-768-0768 or cell,

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