You have been sued…again…Mr. Chertoff!

Michael Chertoff…Don’t Mess with Texas

By Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Inside the Checkpoints

(DEL RIO–May 16, 2008) Back on February 6, 2008, “Inside the Checkpoints” had the privilege of breaking the news that Michael Chertoff, with the dictatorial powers of the Department of Homeland Security, was being sued. He was sued by one woman, Eloisa Tamez, a property owner. He threatened her that he was going to seize her small piece of land along the banks of the Rio Grande. With the help of Peter Schey of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, Chertoff ultimately lost that law suit, which set a precedent for other victims of Chertoff.

Back in February, “Inside the Checkpoints” concluded with the following paragraph.

Eloisa Tamez, along with hundreds of others, has been a victim of trauma, your tyranny and…terror. No one in government, local, state, or national, elected or otherwise, has stepped up to protect Eloisa, to right the wrongs being leveled on her and her property. So much for security in her homeland! It has taken the volunteer efforts of fellow citizens and a willing team of legal experts to stand with her in her fight against a form of terrorism that she is not otherwise being protected from, a terrorism that originates from one man. The Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff! He has just been sued.

It is again the privilege of “Inside the Checkpoints” to make a new announcement and address that final paragraph.

You have been sued…again…Mr. Chertoff!

From El Paso to Brownsville, the 1250 mile TBC…the Texas Border Coalition of Mayors, Judges and economic leadership of the Texas-Mexico border are standing up in behalf of Eloisa Tamez and all of us, “we the people of the Rio Grande corridor”. They are suing you Mr. Chertoff. And, like Eloisa Tamez, the TBC is being represented by Peter Schey of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law.

What does all of this mean? It means that, unfortunately for you, you have “messed with Texas”. Not a good idea. We Texans are successfully defying you and your dictatorial powers. We are taking our government back. The nation and the world are watching us do so. From Asia to Australia, Europe to the Middle East and Africa, as well as the rest of North and South America. All are watching as we the people of the Texas-Mexico border are standing up to you. And, we will win.

You have exceeded the laws of our land and you willfully operate outside the law of Congress. You are therefore flagrantly and illegally violating the law. That makes you an “outlaw” and more of an “illegal” than the humble people, including innocent immigrant children, whom you hunt down like cockroaches and imprison for profit.

Shockingly, you waived 36 Congressional Acts…a century’s worth of American legislature…to build an “iron curtain” on American soil. Sure you had Congressional authority in the Secure Fence Act, and the waiver power in the REAL ID Act. But no one of credibility and integrity figured that you’d violate our treaties with the already violated Native Americans, let alone waive their religious rights and desecrate their burial and other sacred grounds. You waived “The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act” and “The American Indian Religious Freedom Act”…to build a wall!

Wait and see what happens when the State of Texas, the State of New Mexico, Arizona and California come to grips with the fact that you waived far more than those 36 Congressional Acts. You even waived all our state and local laws along with “all federal laws”. Isn’t that what is meant when your Mega Waiver included “all federal, state or other laws, regulations and legal requirements of, deriving from, or related to the subject of those laws”?

Do you really think you can undo a century of the people’s congress and the laws and sovereignty of the states of the United States? If you do think so, you are indeed in willful violation of our Constitution and deserving of more than a boot in the buttocks. More rightly, you should be indicted for going along with the supremacist architects of a scheme that flagrantly violates our democracy. In some countries, such an act would be considered treason.

Be that as it may, for now, Mr. Chertoff, you have been sued…again. And it won’t be the last time. You have willfully and without conscience or moral fiber accepted the role of a dictator in these United States. You have waived the balance of power of our Congress. Instead of being a Secretary of Homeland Security, you have become a tyrannical threat to the security of our country.

What a shame that “we the people” should have to go to the Supreme Court of the United States to petition it for protection from such tyrannical forces and in order to stop you and the construction of what we not long ago called an “iron curtain”, a symbol of cruelty built by totalitarian forces. That Communist wall no longer exists, Mr. Chertoff. Neither will your wall exist in Texas.

If you haven’t yet figured it out, sir, you are about to quickly learn that “Don’t Mess with Texas!” is more than a public relations slogan.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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