Dallas Donor Says White House Uninvited him to Monday Fundraiser

Dallas real estate developer and immigrant rights advocate Ralph Isenberg, who publicized his intention to raise the case of a deported Texas student, now says that he has been uninvited by the White House from this evening’s fundraiser.

Responding to a request by the Texas Civil Rights Review, Isenberg provided a scanned copy of an invitation that he received from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for a fundraising event with President Barack Obama and evidence that a ticket was charged to his credit card on August 5. He says that he was notified via telephone Sunday afternoon that he would not be authorized to attend the event.

While Isenberg says no explanation was given for the decision to uninvite him, he told the Texas Civil Rights Review that he believes the reason is connected to the timing of a recent Der Spiegel article about a Texas student who was deported to Bangladesh and Isenberg’s high-profile role as an advocate for the student’s speedy return to the United States.

“I believe that I have been censored by the White House staff,” said Isenberg.–gm

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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