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Muniz: Sentiments of Love

How is it that there is love in the midst of suffering? Perhaps it is because of suffering that love exists. If we could acknowledge the suffering of others and feel the pain in their hearts, we could change everything around us, and events all over the world. Just as a lack of love brings about sadness, the demonstration of love restores life.

The sentiments of love below were sent by my beloved husband, Ramsey. I share his feelings expressed with tenderness, for I have been given the gift of being a part of his heart.

Irma Muñiz – Citlalmina

“Human freedom is a gift from God. It serves as an example of His infinite divine goodness.”

Dr. Salvador Alvarez

“Love gives nothing but itself and takes nothing but from itself. Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; for love is sufficient unto love.”

“The first time I gazed into your eyes, I thought it would be only a physical interest. Instead it became a romantic interest, a deep human affection. And now we have become spiritual, political lovers seeking the freedom of our souls.”

“We are the light of justice, freedom, and spirituality. We are the sun of righteousness and consciousness, because of our suffering, pain, sacrifice, and imprisonment.”

“You gave light bringing forth love, strength, life, power, faith, and spirituality in order that I would stand on my feet like a man once again, disregarding the weight of the shackles and chains that had become part of my body.”

Ramsey Muñiz – Tezcatlipoca

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