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Ramsey Muniz: Finding Jesus on Good Friday

Dear Friends:

The spiritual message below was written by political prisoner Ramsey Muniz, who has been unjustly imprisoned for 17 years of his life. He has suffered greatly and as a result he has been blessed with dreams from the spirit world. He feels the need to write about his spiritual encounters as we approach Holy Week.

Please forward this message and invite others to become involved in the efforts to Free Ramsey Muniz. For more information go to

Irma Muniz


Before I begin to share the life, death, and life once again of Jesus Christ who suffered and was shackled, chained, and tortured as I have been for the last 17 oppressive, cold, dark years, I will be sharing writings, thoughts, and dreams from our spirits in heaven and from the most powerful spiritual revolutionary in the world and history — Jesus Christ.

Power of humanity as we know it has been and continues to be deformed and not transformed. True spiritual power is devotion to Jesus Christ. Christ is its author, for He gave His life for this power of humanity. Holiness, love, faith, and devotion must be at the base of this spiritual power. Otherwise it loses its foundation.

It has always been Jesus’ world from the time and place of His birth. It has never been ours. We are all here on this earth on borrowed time and on borrowed existence.

We now have almighty Christ and we have one another. Everything on this earth is a state of mind, a state of soul, and a state of time. Jesus is the essence of our existence. To discover that, just as we have discovered spiritually after such continuous suffering, oppression, injustice, and imprisonment, is FREEDOM.

Those who seek and have the power of spiritually in their hearts will know that when oppression and opposition arise, it only means that one has risen from the darkness of life into the enlightenment of Jesus and His love for FREEDOM.

Jesus, during my time in solitary confinement for three years, came and bestowed His power of FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and LOVE upon my heart and soul. I have long accepted this spiritual historical blessing, and share with the world the true meaning of seeking FREEDOM not only for myself but for all humanity.

In this American dark, oppressive, cold imprisonment for the 17 years, I have been crucified with Jesus Christ. It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me.

Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz

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