Cinco de Mayo and the Sixth Sun

by Ramsey Muñiz

“Even though I find myself confined without the freedom of movement or communication, the silence of our ancient spirituality has become part of my soul.”

This imprisonment of death does not prevent my destiny from being fulfilled in sharing the importance of El Cinco de Mayo. It is a day that people — nuestra raza throughout Aztlan and our Holy Land of Mexico, celebrate with happiness, pride, and joy, because our past heroes claimed our God-given right to independence. With the power of ancient resistance, we defeated the oppressive French invasion that came with the malicious purpose of destroying the essence and substance of spirituality, history, culture and human civilization.

As you read this brief note from the prisons of America, many are dying by the numbers throughout the Middle East for freedom, justice and the right to love. Soon the same will flow throughout the entire world. It is meant to be, as these struggles have been God-sent since His creation. When God created humanity, He created us free. Therefore, we are on the right side of God’s law in our struggle for justice and freedom.

The entire political scene in this country is preparing for a change like never before and we, the Mexicanos, Hispanics, Latinos, and Chicanos are going to be right in the middle of all the local, state and national elections. Politically, our time has come! Never before in our history will we be as powerful politically as we will be in these upcoming elections.

In remembrance of Cinco de Mayo, I rise with my heart full of love and power to greet our Sixth Sun, “Tonatoeotl.” Every morning in this confinement I awaken in the spirit of “Mexikayotl.” This is the spiritually the enabled brave Mexicano warriors to battle for our ancient spirits pertaining to land, freedom, justice, spiritually, and destiny.

This Cinco de Mayo is one that will not ever be forgotten, because in reality we are presently struggling as a people, raza, and nation in the same way that we did hundreds of years ago. The time has come for us to rise again and America will soon know that we have risen!

Con amor,
Ramsey – Tezcatlipoca

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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