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Following LULAC Resolution, Ramsey Muniz Seeks Youth Support for Prison Release



Introduced by:

Rosa Rosales, Past LULAC National President and President, LULAC Council #4811 and
Irma Mufriz. LULAC Council #4811

Resolution in support of the humanitarian release of Ramsey Muniz

WHEREAS, Ramiro “Ramsey” Muniz, a native of Corpus Christi, Texas, received a Juris Doctor Degree from Baylor School of Law; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muniz, a leader during the Civil Rights Movement, fought for justice and equality for Mexican Americans, Chicanos, Hispanics, and Latinos; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muniz was a Texas gubernatorial candidate in 1972 and 1974 for La Raza Unida Party, an independent political party; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muniz gave Mexican Americans, Chicanos, Hispanics, and Latinos a voice in the political arena and his contributions are recognized and noted as part of Texas history; and

WHEREAS, key information was withheld in the Ramsey Mufriz trial and he was denied his constitutional rights granted by the sth Amendment – Due Process of the Law, and the 14th Amendment – Equal Protection Under the Law; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Mufriz is serving a sentence of life without parole, which constitutes cruel and unusual punishment; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Mufriz, who is 68 years of age, and others who are wrongly incarcerated endure great suffering as well as their families; and

WHEREAS, LULAC is the oldest and largest Latino organization that supports civil rights for all citizens including those who are unjustly incarcerated; and

THEREFORE BE lT RESOLVED, that the League of United Latin American Citizens supports all efforts to free Ramsey Mufriz and requests the support of President Barack Obama in granting him an immediate Commutation of Sentence.

Executed this 1″ day of July, 2011, at the 82no LULAC National Convention, in Cincinnati. Ohio.
Rosa Rosales
President. LULAC Council #481 1

Dear Friends:

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) was founded in 1929. It is the oldest and most respected Hispanic civil rights organization in the United States which defends civil and human rights.

The National Committee to Free Ramsey Muñiz, represented at the 82nd LULAC National Convention, spoke with LULAC members throughout the country and gained support for the humanitarian release of Ramsey Muñiz, who is remembered as a leader during the civil rights movement.

National LULAC supports all efforts to free Ramsey Muñiz, as stated in the resolution passed at the national convention. ( the attached). We request his immediate freedom, and seek assistance from congress, organizations, and Washington D.C.

We thank LULAC for supporting the humanitarian release of Ramsey Muñiz, and we extend our deepest gratitude to Rosa Rosales, past president of National LULAC, for her assistance in this effort. We also thank Margaret Moran, National LULAC President, and all LULAC officers and members for their continued support in obtaining the freedom of Ramsey Muñiz.

For more information, contact the National Committee to Free Ramsey Muñiz at or (409) 363-1878.

–Irma Muniz

Dear Friends:

The National Committee to Free Ramsey Muniz seeks the assistance of others, especially the youth and young adults, in the case of Ramsey Muniz. The young are most proficient with technology, and we ask for their involvement by forwarding messages (such as the three paragraphs below) through Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of electronic communications.

Ramsey is a graduate of Baylor School of Law. At the age of 30 he ran for governor of Texas. His activism during the civil rights movement made a positive impact in that improved the quality of life for Mexican Americans, Hispanics, and Latinos throughout the Southwest who now hold prominent positions as a result of his efforts. The contributions that he made are profound.

Today Ramsey Muniz is incarcerated for life without parole for a crime he did not commit. Errors were made during his arrest and in trial. We will continue to publish information about this case until an investigation can be made about his conviction in order to obtain his freedom!

For additional information go to Contact the National Committee to Free Ramsey Muniz ( you are able to take an active role in forwarding our information to others.

Thank you for your assistance!

–Irma Muniz

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