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Mike writes: The Texas Legislature will never give more $$$ to the poor school districts,

that is unless hell freezes over, and Republicans turn into some kind of ‘compassionate

conservatives’ who want to educate the poor masses instead of dumbing them down and exploiting


Texas ain’t Massachusetts. Poor Texican kids in the Great Republican State of

Texas should be happy that DeLay and Company aren’t moving yet to toss out child labor laws. They

might find themselves working for $2.50 an hour instead of going to underfunded Texas public


Editor Replies….

You might be right, um, I mean, correct. The trial

judge in this case happens to be a Democrat. The Republican Attorney General promises to wage a

vigorous appeal. The Governor, while handpicking a new Chief Justice, also spoke harshly about the

trial judge’s judgment. So the first question is: will the Texas Supreme Court uphold this ruling?

Back when Republican judges helped the TSC to lay down the school funding rulings, it was a Democrat

legislature that they were embarrassing. Now that it’s a Republican lege, will the Republican court

find a way to evade the issue? I agree that the Republican lege won’t do much more than what they are

forced to do, just like the Democrat lege before


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