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Ramsey Muniz at 65: ''God Knows I am Innocent''

Dear Friends:

Below is a letter from my husband, Ramsey. He will turn 65 on December 13, and
I feel so blessed that God has helped him to overcome intense suffering with
strength, courage, love, and conviction.

Those who wish to write can send correspondence to the address below:
Ramiro R. Muniz
El Reno FCI
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 1500
El Reno, OK 73036

Irma Muniz

The Spirituality of Love

“Weeping may linger for the night, but in the morning there are shouts of joy.”

We as partners, husband and wife, soul mates and spiritual warriors have brought
forth all that is within our power. God knows that we give of ourselves every day
and night. He knows of the love that we have not only for ourselves but for all

The oppressive obstacles before us will never stop us from reaching
our destinations nor will they ever destroy us because we bring forth what is within
our hearts, “corazones” and spiritual consciousness, “Mexicayotl.” You
must understand and realize that people in general will never love in the manner that we love, nor will they truthfully give their lives for the liberation of one who is buried in
the dungeons of the oppressor.

God knows that I am innocent and I carry the cross of love/freedom.

“This confinement has harrowed my soul and crushed my heart.”

“I have grown so unused to real life that at times I can hardly breathe for the
oppressiveness of it.”

“What has taken place against my life for the last 14 years is inhuman, undemocratic,
and in violation of my constitutional and human rights.”

“Because of our love and enlightenment we have been able to overcome hatred, jealousy,
disillusion, and oppression.”




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