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Ramsey Muniz on Cinco de Mayo 2012

With the chains and shackles of solitary confinement, barely able to hold a pen, he would express his heart to humanity. We ask why they have given Ramsey a death sentence when he has never taken another person’s life.

“History, culture, and freedom are the most important spiritual gifts from God.”

Cinco De Mayo

For the last 20 years of my life I have been incarcerated in the federal prisons of America. Every year of my imprisonment, on Cinco de Mayo, I feel in my “corazon” that it is my ultimate destiny to share with the world the historical importance of Cinco de Mayo as it relates to our lives in the past, the present, and the future of those who will one day read these words that come with pain, suffering, and imprisonment.

This historical day is one of many events in the history of our people as we came into existence not only in Mexico, but throughout the world. Historians have written many volumes of and have shared accounts of how we became the people that we are this very day. That is why it is stated that people that have no knowledge if their history will forever be in a mode of oppression, discrimination, and will forever suffer injustice.

On the morning of May 5, which is known throughout the world as Cinco De Mayo, the French army ran into resistance by unexpected valiant Mexican troops at Guadalupe Hill — a name that I consider spiritual. It was just outside of Puebla, Mexico. The majority of our Mexican troops, under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza and Porfirio Diaz, were brave barefooted indigenous people from the Zacapoaxtla Sierra. They held the day, and forced the French to pull back to Cordoba and Orizaba. This famous battle of Puebla came to be our celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

The last French troops were driven out of Mexico City, Tenochtitlan, on April of 1867. On this very day of remembrance we share the same spiritual, cultural power that our heroes maintained. They rose with such pride and dignity into the region of Huitzilopochtli, god of war/sun, with their spiritual force of will and power that overcame the impossible and conquered all barriers.

As we celebrate this most spiritual, cultural, political day in history, we must continue with the same pride, dignity, courage, and respect that must be given not only to us here in America, but to our sisters and brothers in Mexico who set an example for others who seek justice and liberation.

Even tonight, as I share these words of spiritual wisdom that come from the depths of my heart, we are confined and my body and soul are confined in this 6 x 9 cell. But I stand before you accepting the sorrow, sadness, grief, sacrifice, and death of our ancestors on Cinco de Mayo, a day of remembrance. For the last 20 years of this oppressive unjust confinement, I too stand in the center of all of God’s creation, just as our past ancestors and heroes did.

I remain balanced in mind, body, and soul in who I am and have always been. On this day of celebration, I gaze into the sixth sun of consciousness, as I have awakened from that strange nightmare of ill movements to the self-realization and acceptance of our spirituality that made Cinco de Mayo historical.

We continue the process of recreating another page of history today, tomorrow, and in our future. It is written that one day soon I shall be free once again and together we shall all celebrate this day of remembrance.

Tu hermano,
Ramsey Muñiz

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