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Letter from Ramsey: ''courage, spirituality, and love''

Email from Irma Muniz (Sept. 28, 2008)

Dearest Friends:

Below is a message from Ramsey, who continues to experience a
most profound transformation. At this time we ask that you join
us in praying for change.

Thank you for the unconditional love that you have given us.


Dearest Citlalmina:

I am experiencing a most powerful spiritual, cultural and physical
transformation like never before in my life. Freedom is not handed over
to us. We must make it, and we make it by searching and fighting for it.
God does not want to do everything, so as not to take free will from us,
and that part of His glory that falls on us.

In reality, we have just begun to live the essence and truth of our
lives. We have not finished, we have not closed the chapter on our own
story of love and freedom, no matter how intently the borders of finality
and certainty may close in around us. Unfinished, because whether we are
remembered or forgotten, we still had the courage, spirituality, and love
to contribute to a past that our descendents must keep alive if they
want to have a future. Please forgive me if I get carried away, but my heart
is full of what has to be shared with the world.

Be strong and have faith. Yes, the journey has been long and at times
it seemed as if light would never appear, but God knows that we have love in
our hearts, and it is all about love.


Ramsey – Tezcatlipoca

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