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Ramsey Muniz: I'm Back!

I’m Back!

From within the realm of this long mode of darkness,
Irma and I wish you and your families a most powerful
and spiritual Happy New Year. We thank you for your continued and everlasting support during these past 13 years in which we have suffered and sacrificed in order to be back in Texas and soon free once again…

Since my return, the spirituality of those who are now in heaven and close to our hearts have appeared with spirits of love, courage, and faith, that now I am convinced without a doubt that one day soon we shall be free. This coming year will be one of spiritual and cultural liberation throughout the entire world — remember my words of wisdom….

Happy New Year / Feliz Ano Nuevo!


Ramsey & Irma Muniz ************
Dear Friends:

In the enclosed letter Ramsey speaks of immense
suffering, sentiments of love for his wife, his
people, and for all humanity. The love that he expresses reflects the beautiful spirit that he is, and profound mission that he has embraced. Please distribute.

9:00 p.m.

Love / Amor

Mi amor, mi corazon,

“The soul, in which a prison God has been, will abandon the body but not its love. It will be ash, but it will still have feeling; it will be dust, but dust in love.”

How sad and unfair that we as lovers must forever
be limited with time imposed upon us. My heart cries
and reaches out to feel the passion, desire, and amor
that are so powerful and profound, they give life to
those who have no life or existence. From the first
time I saw you I knew that the love in your corazon
would overcome the depths of darkness, loneliness,
solitary confinement, grief, sorrow, hate, jealousy,
and weakness.

“My dreams of beauty and my beloved visions of
a humanity living in peace, love, and liberty will
not die with me. While there is on earth a painful
heart or an eye full of tears, my dreams and my
visions will live.”

I’m deeply in love with your love, which brings
forth its power of strength, courage, faith, and the
everlasting desire of becoming a free Mexicano once
again. Yes, at times it seems as if the world comes
to an end, as if no one really cares, as if it is
totally unfair that those who advocate justice or
freedom for our people refuse to admit that the chains
and shackles on my body have left scars of oppression
forever. Even in the darkness, coldness and loneliness
my heart reaches out and cries out for you. Have faith, hope, and know that one day soon we will be free.

“And if this Mexicano love brings death or prison, I am sure that your eyes as when I kiss them, will then close with pride –with double pride and mine. But toward my ears they will first come to undermine the tower
Of the sweet and harsh love that binds us.”

We must be brazen about our love and our liberation as lovers to the entire world. We are not spoken words, movies, or a stage play. We are the essence of what is truly love and the power of lovers.

How will I ever forget my near death illness,
unable to stand with my own power – weak, sick,
lost in the wilderness of pain and suffering, yet
the oppressor confined me in solitary confinement
in the Springfield medical facility, lying in the
darkness without medical care. And immediately, as
if the Creator had spoken to your heart, you came
within a short period of time, refusing to leave
until I was embraced in your arms and heart. The
following day I was removed from solitary confinement
and began receiving any necessary medical care and
treatment. There is no question that if you would
not have made your most powerful presence, I would
have died. I love you with my proud Mexicano life
— the life that you have given to me once again.

I’m totally convinced that if we all share the love
that we have in our hearts for others, if we stand
firm against the injustices against others, if we
believe in the spirituality that is our life for
others, one day we will be the leaders in this
world as it pertains to justice, liberation, harmony,
peace, and love in this world for all humanity.

La vida de Mexi (me-shee), God, no solamente
es la guerra santa sino la desiminacion de la
verdad. En verdad os digo, “si la guerra santa
no fuera sido dada como mandamiento y determinacion
de Dios, la verdad en el alba de nuestra civilizacion
posiblemente fuera sido arrancada de los raices de
nuestros corazones.”

Do not ever lost faith or hope in this struggle of freedom not only for ourselves but most importantly
for our people, nuestra raza linda, and all humanity
that hungers. Even Jesus Christ was chained, shackled, imprisoned, and His heaven was found in solitary with one’s brothers. He extended the values of life on earth to the realm of the eternal in stating,

“For I was hungry and you gave me food; thirsty and you gave me drink; a stranger and you welcomed me; naked and you clothed me; ill and you cared for me; in prison and you visited me.” “When did we give you all this?” his listeners asked Him. Jesus replied, “Amen I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least
brothers of mine, you did for me.”

As Mexicanos of the 21st century we are in for
vast spiritual, cultural, political, and leadership
changes like never before in our history. It is one
thing to speak and sound well for others, but it’s
another to sacrifice and give your life for the
liberation and justice for one’s own people. History
will be our judge at the end and the truth will come
forth in everyone’s life. Do not be saddened or
discouraged if certain so-called Chicano leaders
decided to become judge and jury in one’s life
(in chains, shackles and in the highest, most
dangerous prisons of America), and never submitted
a drop of water to wet my lips or a piece of bread
to ease my hunger. It only made me a stronger
spiritual Mexicano who finds forgiveness in his
heart for all humanity. It has only given me the
love in my heart that will one day free me and the
masses of my people. I love you, te amo, te quiero
con toda mi vida.

In exile,
Ramsey – Tezcatlipoca

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