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Ramsey Muniz on Mexicana Spirit and Struggle

[Note: In celebration of the recent transfer of Ramsey Muniz to Texas, we add to our collection of prison letters two items from the Fall of 2006. To read more prison letters and history about Muniz, just click the jaguar icon for “Aztlan” –gm]

Although Ramsey is out of the 21 day lockdown, the situation in Florence, Colorado is volatile. Placement in a lockdown status happens regularly, as the penitentiary houses the hardest criminals. The most difficult part of this nightmare is knowing that Ramsey does not belong in the maximum security penitentiary where he was sent. He has custody level which merits placement in a less secure camp or Federal Correctional Institution. –Irma Muniz
Awakening of the Divine Consciousness of Our Ancient Mexicano Spiritual Past

Before I share what is in my “yollotl” (heart), I find it important for you to know that at the present time we are in lockdown status, which means that I’m confined to my 6×9 cell twenty four hours a day, with a five minute shower every other day. Normally it is not my style to share with my people and family the pain and suffering that I must endure in this life of injustices, oppression, and darkness. I use the time in solitary confinement as if I were attending the “University of Unfaithfuls,” and allocate my time from the morning until the late evening as if I were attending classes, thus preparing my ancient spiritual / cultural / political lessons for the day.

Before beginning the writings I would love to share
with you that today I recalled the times during my
childhood when my grandmother, Rosario Longoria Campos, who lived to be 104 years old, would forever take me with her when nuestra raza would request her presence to heal those who were ill. She had that power and instead of receiving any type of compensation the family would prepare a bag of various food items including fruit, which I would eat on the way home.

At an older age I asked her why she would always
take me with her. She replied that one day I would
feel in my heart the power and love of our ancient
spiritual divine consciousness. Well here I am, a
Mexicano of our Sixth Sun, confined in the dungeons
of the oppressor, with the power of our divine Mexicano consciousness in my heart! I only ask that you take the time and pray for my continuous strength, harmony, pride, respect, and love that have become a part of me now and forever.

Everywhere throughout the entire world, nations,
countries, races, tribes, religions, are all seeking
the answer to their presence and why existence in the
21st century. It is as if a new profound world
spiritual consciousness has arrived from the heavens,
and everyone is searching, seeking, and asking each
other, “Who are we? Where do we truly come from? Where does our existence as a race begin or end? What is our destiny? Are we to be oppressed for the rest of our lives? Why do they deny the truth that in our ancient existence we were referred to as the people of the sun, children of the light?

“Yo quisiera poseer la conviccion o la clarividencia
necesaria para definir el origen de Mexico, para
ponerle fecha precisa a mi pais, pero siempre me encuentro con numerosas dudas que se me vuelvan preguntas: Empezo Mexico cuando crecio en su suelo la primera planta de maiz? O aquella noche en que los dioses se reunieron en Teotihuacan y decidieron crear al mundo?

Cuentan las memorias vivas de Yucatan que el mundo
fue creado por los dioses, el uno llamado corazon de
los cielos y el otro corazon de la tierra.”

Los Cinco Soles de Mexico. Carlos Fuentes. 2000

As Mexicanos, Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, we
are in the midst of our greatest impact of Mexicayotl
(consciousness) throughout all Aztlan and in our most
precious everlasting Holy Land of Mexico. Mexicayotl
is the shining path of Mexi (God). And we’ve come to
know and accept with our hearts and lives that to serve nuestra linda raza is the highest honor.

Being Mexikan (Mexicano) is a great risk in the world of the present oppressor, but the most spiritual, glorious gift of all in one’s life, even in our ancient past, our most profound spiritual power was revealed in our writings which few of our people have knowledge of.

Our great ancestor, Ixtacmixcohuatl, (Mexi’s prophet, called the Mexican Noah by Torquemada, and the Mexican Genghis Khan by modern historians) had six sons by his first wife, Ilancue, and a seventh son by his last wife, Chimalma. The seventh son was the last prophet, Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl was crucified on
Totecuioichan by early contras. His crucifixion is
revealed in Sahagun’s Historia General, 4 Tomos, and
also in Manly P. Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages.
There is more about Mexi and his last prophet in
Manly P. Hall’s America’s Assignment with Destiny.

Ixtacmixcoatl’s sons, Xezhua, Tenoch, Xicalancatl,
Mixcoatl, Olmecatl, Otomitl, and Quetzalcoatl, were
all prophets of Mexi. Alfredo Chavero in his Azteca – Mexica Fundacion de Mexico – Tenochtitlan, called Tenoch “el Moises Mexicano” – the Mexican Moses. The majority of the ancient writings by Sahagun, Mendieta, Torquemada, Duran, Motolinia, Molina, and Tezozomoc were written between the 1540s and 1570s by the Spanish priests and were then secret church documents for their eyes only.

Since then, our Holy Land of Mexico has experienced
many revolutions and a lot of cultural / spiritual /
political writings kept away from la raza have been
liberated. When Torquemada compared Tecpatzin and
brother, Huitziton with Moses and Aaron, I marveled
at them. Our history did not begin with the Alamo
nor did it end at San Jacinto. My task will be to
research and prepare a Mexikan style Holy Quran or
bible for la raza to reveal the word of Mexi during
our ancient spiritual creation and beginning and all
the sacrifices made by his prophets and profetisas – yes, profetisas, Quilaztli, Xihuiquenitziin, Xochiquetzal, Ixtab, Chalchiuhnene, Coatlicue, Cihuacoatl, Xilonen.

My Mexicana sister in struggle, Erika (Xochiquetzal), will be surprised to know that when Quetzalcoatl was crucified on Totecuioichan, Xochiquetzal (goddess of love), was with him. This is what is meant by the words vemmana nino, ome vemmana. Mao Tse-tung said, “Women hold up half the sky!” Las mujeres detienen la mitad del cielo! Xochiyaoyotl is drama and we, los Mexicanos – Mexicanos of our Sixth Sun are playing in the theater of real life struggles and liberation. Xochiyaoyotl, the war of the flowers, is a war of hearts because the Xochitl flower symbolizes el corazon del Mexicano y de la Mexicana.

Raza, I’m with you. Give spiritual firmness to
believers. Join in prayer with my wife, Citlalmina,
and my family.

In exile,
Ramsey (Tezcatlipoca)

“Everybody — Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicanos, Chicanos
are responsible for the liberation of Aztlan and our
Holy Land of Mexico. You are intelligent people. You
can fight the present persecution through vemmana,
the shining path of Mexi. Mexicayotl (spiritual
consciousness) is light upon light. That gives you
great freedom. Rejoice in this freedom! Rejoice in
this understanding that you are responsible for the
liberation of Aztlan and nuestra raza.”



Ramsey Muniz on Sept. 16

Please share the significance of the historic
event of diez y seis de septiembre with
family, friends, and others whose heritage
and/or consciousness assert the beauty and
essence of the Mexican race in Mexico
and the United States. –Irma Muniz


El Grito del Diez y Seis de Septiembre

By Ramsey R. Muniz

Written during confinement in the dungeons of America

This will be a d

ay of celebration and remembrance
like never before in our lives here in Aztlan and in
our most precious Holy Land of Mexico.

“I was there when the Spanish invaders came,
infested with the parasites of injustice, and
destroyed our nation, our spirituality, our cultura,
and the existence of the most powerful history in
the world of mankind. We resisted and fought like the
mighty warriors we continue to be today, dying against
all odds, but leaving a message for the future generations and Mexicanos of tomorrow – those not even born.

“We have constantly historically continued since the invasion to resist for the last three centuries,
during our times in slavery, for our liberation, for
justice, and return of our land. We died in our
struggle, refusing the shackles and chains of servitude
and oppressive crimes preyed on the lives of our
people, our families, and our nation.”

Ramsey Muniz (solitary confinement)

There is in existence in this 21st century an
awakening of our ancient Mexicano spirituality seeking
its true essence of freedom in the United States of America and our Holy Land of Mexico. Experts in the
question of freedom in this country are even comparing the revelation to the Black Movement of the 60s and the 70s. Some of us participated in that movement in one manner or other, knowing that eventually our time as Mexicanos/Chicanos/Hispanics/Latinos would arrive.

We celebrate El Diez y Seis de Septiembre because we
too are in the midst of seeking our freedom, justice,
and eventually the return of our land, Aztlan.
Presently, we are the largest minority in the
Unites States, and we are growing in numbers. We
celebrate the 16th of September because we are returning to the beginning of our creation as a race, as a people, and as a nation.

“Through many millennia of suffering and rejection,
of oppression, so many centuries of unconquerable defeat, Mexico has risen, time and again, from its own ashes, until when? What will be the time limit of our next great hope? What shall be the intensity of our next great desire?”

This I Believe. An A to Z of Life. Carlos Fuentes. 2006.

It is written in the faces and hearts of our people
that the time has come to rise once more from the realm of this oppression, discrimination, imprisonment, and injustices against the majority of Mexicanos. El Grito is a day of celebration in admiring our past ancestors who had the heart, courage, pride, respect, dignity, spirituality, and love to rise and fight for what was and has been God given to us from the beginning of history and its creation. El Grito of today was meant from its essence to be the human spark in our hearts to continue with the battle of our liberation.

Even in this darkness of these dungeons of America my heart is full of contentment because my visions and dreams are fulfilled with our people rising once again throughout all Aztlan and in Mexico. The dreams
clearly bring all of us together once again as one. The
visions reveal that we are not strangers to this land in
which we struggle today. We were here first. We created our most powerful spiritual existence as a race here in all Aztlan before our historic journey in search of our promised land, Tenochtitlan/Mexico City. Our sisters and brothers from our Holy Land of Mexico have returned to Aztlan and more. America has witnessed millions of Mexicanos marching and protesting for the human right of returning to our homeland.

We never saluted the statue of liberty because we did not go to it. America came to us. We were not and will never spiritually be the illegal aliens of Aztlan. On the 16th of September of 2006, America will witness once again millions of Mexicano sisters and brothers marching, celebrating, crying, and knowing in their hearts that the time of El Grito has arrived once again. Our sisters and brothers from our Holy Land of Mexico will be the millions in Tenochtitlan/Mexico City seeking the right of political and social justice.

“It would be an abuse of the peoples’ rights, a
rupture of the constitutional order and a Coup D’ Etat,
which is offensive to millions of Mexicans,” he told
supporters in the Zocalo, Mexico City’s main square
on Sunday.

He has also called for a national convention for
September 16th, Mexico’s Independence Day, when he says he will ask supporters whether he should be declared the “alternative” president-elect of the country.

Manuel Lopez Obrador, Presidential candidate for Mexico. USA Today. September 2, 2006

We are not oceans or seas a part from each other.
We have gradually returned to the truth of our creation.

The truth of the reality that we are all the same, that
we are one, that we were connected from the time of our creation as Mexicanos. We, of the 21st century, celebrate this most glorious day because we have finally accepted the truth of our existence as one and that is the beginning of our independence in the 21st century. Our cultura is so spiritual that it has brought us back together once more as it did during the days of our most powerful civilization on this earth.

“We are all one with the land in Aztlan. The spirits
of our ancient gods are everywhere – in every stone,
every bird in the trees, the grass, the maize on the stalk, the water in the lake, and the fish in the streams. The Spanish conquered our people (los Mexicanos) physically.

“They conquered only what the eye could see. The
spirituality of the Creator and all the gods are still
here and there, and all around us. These are the ancient spirits that the Spanish (or anyone else) will never conquer – never!

Ramsey Muniz – Tezcatlipoca

Mexicanos, listen! “El Grito” is like the sign of the cross. It is in our hearts and minds not only on this historic date, but everyday until once again we liberate and return the power to our people. Our spiritual history to struggle for the rights of humanity will never be destroyed again, and for that reason we will never be defeated!

In exile,
Ramsey (Tezcatlipoca)

“We are hungry and thirsty for justice” can be heard
everywhere; but how many of those hungry dare to take the bread, and how many of those thirsty risk to drink the water that is on the way to liberation?”

Praxedis Guerrero. 1910.


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