Have You Been Charged Discriminatory Insurance Rates?

email from James Harrington, Texas Civil Rights Project

Dear Friends:

One of the areas that especially adversely affects the poor and minority communities in Texas is the discriminatory use of credit scoring in the sale and pricing of insurance policies so that folks we represent end up paying more for insurance or have insurance denied. We have recently been involved in litigation relating to that.

We are investigating the discriminatory use of credit scoring in the sale and pricing of insurance policies and how it specifically impacts minority populations.

We would be very interested in talking with other individuals who have received a letter stating their credit report has resulted in an adverse action in regards to insurance. For example, they may have been denied coverage of been charged a higher premium.
Your help in identifying individuals who have been subjected to this practice will help us in addressing a pervasive form of economic discrimination which exists in our society.

Please be kind enough to help us circulate this request.

Thank you

Jim Harrington
Texas Civil Rights Project
1405 Montopolis Drive
Austin, TX 78741-3438
512-474-5073 (telephone)
512-474-0726 (fax)

The Texas Civil Rights Project, a nonprofit foundation, promotes civil rights and economic and racial justice throughout Texas.

Geoffrey Neil Courtney
Attorney at Law
The Hatley House
3700 Enfield Road
Austin , Texas 78703
Telephone (512) 236-0875
Telecopier (512) 236-0878

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