Stay in Your Lane or Go to Jail? A Border Report

email from John Wheat Gibson, with follow-up reply, Jan. 12, 2007

Just interviewed a prospective client who says he was held incommunicado 8 days by Department of Homeland Security, and robbed by cops or guards or DHS of 1,500 Pesos Mexicanos and Texas drivers license while detained at CCCA facility in Laredo, Texas.

Dear John:

What was he “picked up” for?

The Texas Civil Rights Review


Mexican citizen, U.S. legal permanent resident, he was arrested in Dumas County for “failure to stay in one lane,” turned over to Migra, and put in deportation proceedings when he returned from a visit to Mexico.

BICE alleges, apparently, he was convicted about 1986 of helping aliens enter illegally. We have not seen any criminal records or a BICE charging
document, however. He has been a legal resident for 27 years. He is a driver for a delivery service, but has not been allowed to work since his drivers license was stolen. With his permission, I will share his affidavit
with you if he hires us.

John Wheat Gibson

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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