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Texans United for Families Wants You at Hutto Friday AM

Email from Rebecca Bernhardt, forwarded by Jay Johnson-Castro

We need your help urgently at a last minute event out at the Hutto Detention Facility in Taylor , TX tomorrow morning. We are staging a “rolling protest” for most of the day tomorrow, starting at 8 am. If possible, we’d like to have the heaviest presence between 10 am and 1pm. The address to the Hutto Detention Facility is 1001 Welch St. , Taylor TX.

This protest has been called to respond to several media tours of the facility scheduled to go on throughout the day tomorrow, the first one starting at 8 am. The folks running Hutto have been working for weeks to try to make the facility seem more decent, by doing things like painting and adding plants and disney posters. Please come out to show that we aren’t buying it and neither should the press.

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