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Hazahza Mother and Son Resting in Dallas

“I’ve got my mother-in-law and her 11-year-old out from Hutto,” says Reza Barkhordari via cell phone Thursday evening. “I’ve been basically traveling on the road since yesterday evening trying to get the family back.”

The release of Nazmieh Juma Hazahza and her son Mohammad was made “quickly and without any preparation” Wednesday evening, says Barkhordari.
Following a call from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the pair were first picked up from the T. Don Hutto prison by Riad Hamad of the Palestinian Children’s Welfare fund and transported to the Austin home of Dr. Aman Attieh.

After being denied airplane tickets at the Austin airport, because they did not have proper identification, they were driven back to Dallas by Juma’s son-in-law-to-be Barkhordari.

“They’re doing good. They’ve been terrified and horrified but very happy to be out. And they are easing their way out of their whole mental confinement.”

Juma and Mohammad will be staying with relatives in the near future as they await word on possible release of father Radi and four adult children, including Reza’s fiancee Suzan.

“We had to let the apartment go, and put their things in storage, because we had no idea how long they would be in prison,” said Barkhordari.

“I’m letting them rest,” said Barkhordari. “They are very exhausted and tired.”–gm

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