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Email from Angela Kopit

For us, Williamson County resident Angela Kopit has become the face of Vigil III. When word went out about the release of the Ibrahim family last week, she was one of the local folks who gathered at Hutto jail to signal solidarity with the family. In a Dallas Morning News report on the family’s release, Kopit was quoted: “The things that my parents were fighting for in the ’60s are being taken from us now,” said Taylor resident Angela Kopit, who came with her three sons. “This is the fear of immigrants in its ugliest form.”–gm

Hi Greg, I didn’t actually see my quote in the Dallas Morning News, I hope it was worthwhile.

The morning’s events were lovely [Feb. 3, during the release of the Ibrahim mother and children from T. Don Hutto prison]. The crowd was small, but it was
quite moving to see the family back together and away from that place.

We were cheering their release and had at least one sign showing that we were supporting their release. We didn’t get close enough to actually talk to the family, but I think it was clear we were supporters. I heard from a friend in LA that our little prison made the front page of the LA TIMES today.

The article was not flattering to CCA or the facility in general. She’s sending me the front page. Our seed of dissent is growing.

Angela “Immigration’s net binds children too: Hundreds of minors are being held with parents caught illegally in the U.S. The facilities and conditions are like jail.” By Nicole Gaouette and Miguel Bustillo, Times Staff Writers. February 10, 2007. Los Angeles Times.

The story features 9-year-old Khadijah and her father “Sebastien Bessuges, 30, a Frenchman who last year married an American …. Bessuges had visited a federal immigration center last month to see what forms he needed to extend his stay in the U.S. The next day, immigration agents raided his suburban Phoenix home and detained him and Khadijah.”

The story also says a hunger strike was waged last week at Hutto over the poor quality of food and “other conditions.”

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