Suleiman House Note

Jay Johnson-Castro asked us to find out what’s happening with the house that the Suleiman family purchased last summer, which now lies empty without them while they live as deportees in Jordan.

Riad Hamad of the Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund says the Suleimans put $20,000 into the home. It was their first home to own, and it is still in their name. Foreclosure is imminent because payments have not been made since the family’s abduction in early November.
The Suleimans added a room to the back of the house to accommodate their family, including twin citizens of the USA, age four. The home is currently valued at $153,000.

Although Hamad usually works only for children inside Palestine, he said via telephone that he would continue to make an exception for the Suleimans, who were shipped to Jordan in early February.

If you would like to help with house payments, please contact Riad Hamad of the Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund ( He can be reached via email at

“The suggestion that the family come back is welcome,” says Hamad.

“We’re going to fight for that,” says Jay Johnson-Castro via cell phone. “We’ll be talking about it at the vigil Monday.”

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