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Until the Real Criminals are Indicted: Hutto Vigil VI

Evening amigos…

Here’s an update on the Hutto prison camp vigil. It is a 21st Century American Tragedy. This is how it all starts…

Rounding Up the Usual Suspects

Demented minds believe that they have the right to treat women and children this way. They round them up with weapons. They put them in camps. They treat them as criminals. The difference is that “We the people of the United States of America ” will use our freedoms of speech, assembly, press and worship to stop this international criminal activity. It WILL cease to occur in our county!!!
In Hutto there are innocent children and their moms from some 20 different countries. Why couldn’t the media speak with them Friday? Do we not have enough proof now of dishonesty, deception, willful misinformation and outright media manipulation? Fortunately, the seasoned media didn’t fall for the lipstick on the pig dishonesty.

Tomorrow…Monday…at 5:30pm…we will hold Vigil VI. It will be a Sunset-Candlelight Vigil to FREE THE CHILDREN. If you believe that putting a child in prison is a crime…please join us. These children should not spend one more day in a prison camp…let alone in Texas …let alone on American soil. Hutto and those who authorize and run it are committing a crime against humanity. This is a grotesque violation of the international Right of the Child.

How dare the Bush administration proclaim the spread of democracy around the world while he funnels $7000 of honest hard earned American earners’ money per month to his business associates for every child his administration keeps behind bars? Then they claim that it is the immigrant that is ripping the country off! How dare Chertoff and ICE proclaim that this is in the interest of our national security? How dare CCA, the Williamson County Commissioners and the prison guards profit off of this inhumanity? Didn’t Tom DeLay take $100,000 from CCA?

This is not American. This is not justice. This is not moral. This is not even legal. Those who are complicit in this criminal act should suffer what they are subjecting these children to. There should be criminal indictments against all who are accomplices in this crime. That would be American, just, moral … and legal.

We appeal to all ethnic, religious and political groups to join us. Each knows how their own group has been oppressed at some time in this country’s history and subject to inhumane treatment because it was either “legal” at the time … or because people were afraid to stand up and speak out against domestic terrorism and where fear prevailed. We who are willing to oppose this inhumanity perpetrated against the children and their moms, who are in the Hutto prison camp from 20 different countries, do not fear to speak out against this un-American, inhumane and criminal abuse. We are not only going to speak out … we are going to SHOUT it out!!!

So … those of you who can and so desire … we’ll see y’all at the Hutto prison camp in Taylor , TX tomorrow afternoon. In another e-mail, we’ll be sending directions and media updates.

Please feel free to pass this along and invite all who share our conviction and commitment to FREE THE CHILDREN…


P.S. Remember that the most the comprehensive archival of the Hutto prison camp info can be found at jjj


The Border Ambassador



Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Del Rio, Texas, USA
Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila , Mexico

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