Brownsville Border Wall Hearing Thurs. Feb. 12, 2009

Email from Scott Nicol of the No Border Wall Coalition

Border Wall Public Hearing,
Thursday, Feb. 12, 6pm,
Brownsville City Commission,
Elizabeth St. and 10th St., 2nd floor

The most recent contract to be discussed is almost word for word identical to the one that was tabled last July in response to a very vocal outcry from Brownsville residents. It even contains the clause allowing DHS to condemn Brownsville’s land, and forcing Brownsville to cooperate with the condemnation.

Only the value of the land has changed, rising from $93,500 to $95,800. Of course, the city will not receive a penny for that land. Instead, they will get to remove the “floating fence” IF they first build a levee-border wall “at no cost to the United States of America, Department of Homeland Security or its successor agency.”

As the levee-border wall in Hidalgo County cost $10 – 12 million per mile, it seems unlikely that Brownsville will find the funds any time soon, so the wall will in fact be as permanent as that built anywhere else along the border.

It is critical that the same outcry that greeted this contract last July shout down this retread as well. Anyone who is able should plan on attending the meeting at 6pm this coming Thursday.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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