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Two Notes from Ramsey Muniz

Editor’s Note: The Texas Civil Rights Review is pleased to pass
along occasional dispatches from Ramsey Muniz, former candidate for
Texas Governor, now imprisoned at Ft. Leavenworth. As a graduate of
Baylor Law and organizer of La Raza Unida, Muniz deserves to be taken
seriously as a commentator on Texas Civil Rights.–gm

In the enclosed letter Ramsey Muniz writes of
imprisonment and immigration. Please distribute
to advocates and friends.
–Irma L. Muniz

From Ramsey Muniz (13 Jan 2005)

It is the ultimate goal of the oppressor in
these confinements to destroy all communications
and relationships with friends, loved ones, and
families. Because of the forced conservative attitudes
in the so-called free world, the majority in America
refuse to recognize the existence of humanity in its
prisons of hell. Eventually, with time and hatred,
man becomes the beast in this mode of darkness. Reasons
to live or exist become none, and the right to die is
one for the oppressor. It is a jungle where at one
time humanity existed, but now we all live in the
belly of the beast. Yet regardless of the hell and
its cruelty, we refuse to surrender the love in our
Mexika souls and for those reasons we reach out to
the world with strength, courage, honor, pride, and
respect for our people and ourselves. We, la raza
who are confined in the depths of this cruel master,
live like refugees in the wars of countries throughout
the world. We have no rights, justice, families, or
contacts and the attempted resurrection of the love
in our hearts."–Tezcatlipoca

Hermano Mexicano:

We have a lot of work ahead of us for the year 2005.
Without a doubt it is your Mexika responsibility to step
forward and provide the necessary political leadership
in your part of Aztlan. Truthfully, we waited for the
last ten years for someone in your part of Aztlan or
Texas to step forward and announce to the world that
El Partido Raza Unida has returned to claim its political
resistance and power in the entire southwest of America.
We must step forward and let the United States and our
Holy Land of Mexico know that we, El Partido, are in total
support of our sisters and brothers who journey from
Mexico to be with us in Aztlan.

You must immediately take a position against the
proposed legislation of only English language spoken
and written in the state of Arizona. Those who are racist
and oppress are well aware of the numbers. We are in
the state of Arizona, making it difficult for our
brothers to participate in government entities. It
is as if they were to say, "No Mexicans allowed unless you write and speak English."

Eventually, it will be our duty and responsibility to
master not only the Spanish language, but English
as well. There is fear in the hearts and minds of
the oppressor, as we continue to grow in numbers,
and guess what. It is only the beginning of what
is to come like a tidal wave of humanity.

Our position is one of inviting and providing
humane protection to our sisters and brothers who
come to not only make a better life, but most
importantly to become part of a historical
liberation that is within our reach. We advocate total
amnesty to our sisters and brothers who find
themselves in America.

We must never content or satisfied with what
we have done so far. Politically the time has come
to step forward because culturally and spiritually
we are ready to assist and provide the foundation
for our political power.

The United States supreme court recently ruled
that the sentencing guidelines were unconstitutional
because they forced judges to increase prison time
based on certain factors such as the amounts,
without submitting such questions to a jury. I will
be sharing with you and others my immediate legal
position in this new law related event.

Remember, and do not ever forget that we must first
be strong politically in Aztlan in order for me to be free.
That’s history and nothing can change that.
Stay strong, my brother, for one day we will all
be free.

In exile,

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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