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Ramsey Muniz on Spiritual Foundations of Aztlan

Dear Friends:

I am currently visiting my loving husband, Ramsey.
One might expect that after his suffering and trauma,
he would appear old and worn. Instead, his face is youthful and radiant, unlike before. There is no question in my mind that he has been touched by the spirit of God.
–Irma Muniz


Our Spiritual Foundation

by Ramsey Muniz
Leavenworth Prison

“Now I gaze into the mirror of life and see the face
before my birth. I yearn to be one with all once again.
I see my face in everything, and now know who I am!”

“A group of Mexika (Azteca wise men), confronting,
chained and shackled in 1524, the twelve Franciscan friars first sent by Spain, defended their religion in the name of their ancestors and long history:

You said
that our gods are not true gods.
New words are these
that you speak;
Because of them we are disturbed,
because of them we are troubled.
For our ancestors
before us, who live upon the earth,
were unaccustomed to speak thus.
From them we have inherited
our pattern of life
which in truth did they hold;
In reverence they held,
the honored, our gods.
They taught us
all their rules of worship,
all their ways of honoring the gods.
Thus before them do we surrender ourselves;
In their names we submit ourselves;
Our oaths we keep.
Incense we burn
and sacrifices we offer.
It was the doctrine of the elders
that there is life because of the gods;
With their sacrifice they gave us life.
In what manner? When? Where?
When there was still darkness.

It was their doctrine
that they (the gods) provide our subsistence,
all that we eat and drink,
that which maintains life: corn, beans,
amaranth, sage.
To them do we pray

for water, for rains
which nourish things on earth.

They themselves are rich.
Happy are they,
things do they possess;
So forever and ever,
things sprout and grow green in their domain.
There “where somehow there is life,” in the place of Tlalocan.
There, hunger is never known,
no sickness is there,
poverty there is not
courage and the ability to rule
they gave to the people.”

–Miguel Leon-Portilla. Aztec Thought and Culture. 1963.

Hermanos y hermanas, our ancient Mexicano priests were the greatest teachers of our spiritual and cultural life, which we today in the 21st century are living. In other ancient Mexicano writings, we find that they prophesized what would come about for our race/people in Aztlan and in the Holy Land of Mexico. Further, as we continue to study our manuscripts
and carved writings, we find how we would rise and once more become the world’s most powerful spiritual and cultural race today.

Our ancient Mexicano stonemasons were the greatest architects. They left us a spiritual foundation and we,within our spheres, are slowly and constantly rebuilding the temple (heart and mind) by once again returning to who we were from the beginning of our creation as a most spiritual/cultural race – Mexicanos! We are once again building the temple of love, compassion, equality, faith, forgiveness, and harmony.

We are the living house of the temple. We are creating awareness/consciousness (Mexicayotl). That is so powerful that we are now a life force. Even from the dungeons of America we are presenting a clarity our stonemasons possessed una vez en un tiempo en Aztlan. “I” know that they knew that un dia, una manana, their future sisters and brothers would
do homework, create awareness, learn their spiritual
cultural craft, and use it to rebuild the temple, and
“spiritually” rebuild ourselves.”

We are without question the most exquisite living art. Our art form is Nahuatl. We do not only sound beautiful, we ARE beautiful! From the time of our creation as a race, as Mexicanos, the beauty and intensity of our love for one another is equal to
that divine love our ancient stone masons shared with our people in the dawn of our civilization and now we are creating awareness/consciousness (Mexicayotl) and we will learn the connection between our ancient stonemasons of Aztlan and the free and accepted Mexicans of the present day, so as to understand perfectly the process by which our inner core
believers became changed from an operative art to a speculative science. We shall attentively read and thoroughly digest these ancient Mexicano records of brotherhood.

Our ancient Mexican codices are essential to our present day studies and we will acquire them, for we know they refer historically to the regeneration and rebuilding of our temple, and symbolically to the regeneration of life.

“Nosotros somos la fuerza de vida nueva de los masones de una vez en un tiempo de Aztlan. We will learn how they built our spiritual/cultural temple and we today will learn how to perfect ourselves spiritually, step by step, degree by degree. We must not reject the signs. Every keystone they placed in the center of every arch and in the doorways shall spiritually secure firmness and stability in our present daily lives. Every cornerstone were laid with impressive ceremonies in our honor, and since the cornerstone lies at the corner of the foundation of an edifice, we are living permanence, and durability of the cornerstone of Aztlan. We are well formed,
true, and trustworthy.

Mexi is the master builder of souls and in Torquemada’s Monarquia Indiana, we learn that Mexi gave us his name, proclaiming us to be worthy of the spiritual building of eternal life, fitted as living stones, for that house not made with hands, eternal in Tamoanchan.

It is late into the night and I must submit these
writings. Since my near death illness, I recently
experienced the power of our “spiritual/cultural” information that must now be shared constantly with nuestra gente. I will also be sharing our position on education as it pertains to us in all Aztlan.

We will discuss our position on the issue of immigration. For the record, Aztlan is our land and it always will be. It is prophesized that one day it would be returned. Y que! We will also share why we are against the war in Iraq. We must save our young Mexicanos from dying in a war that will never be won, and save the souls of our youth from incarceration in the dungeons of America. What a time to be alive! Do we dare to scale the heights of heaven in Aztlan!!!

In exile,


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