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Alert: UN Rapporteur to Tour Hutto Prison May 7

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro


MFor months…we’ve asked for it. Pleaded for it. And now we have it…!!!

When have you ever heard of a UN Human Rights investigation being done in America…right here in Texas? Well…here it is! And…it’s about time. It could have come sooner…but it isn’t coming too late. Let’s see how long national media can keep this a secret as they’ve kept the Hutto prison camp with innocent children a secret.

I just spoke with Jorge Bustamante, the United Nations, Human Rights Council’s independent expert on migrant rights . He will be visiting the Hutto prison camp on May 7th.
In concert withr. Bustamante’s inspection of the Hutto prison camp, and with his approval, we will be holding Hutto Vigil VIII on May 7th…in support his visit. We’ll send out the specific details as we get them. Meantime…please mark your calendars for this important vigil. Let your family, friends, neighbors and organizations know.

It is understood that the national media, which is complicit with the Administration, will resist publicizing the UN Human Rights inspection of Hutto. It’s their little secret. At the same time…the ruling elitists all know that when the national media has been forced to report on Hutto and prison camps like Haskell, Raymondville and Bayview…we will have won! That is why we should be ever so proud of our local media here in Texas. TV, radio, newspapers and electronic media…both English and Spanish. They keep the message alive! With their reports and articles…blogsphere is full of reports and opinions. It is the local and state level media that gives the foundation for further investigation and reporting. I also want to thank BBC Mundo! that has been there from the start.

We trust that the national media will be forced to cover this investigation of human rights violations at the Hutto “for profit” prison camp…along with the other camps all over the state and the country. We have long said that this is not just a local, state issue…but a national and international tragedy. Members of our human family are being treated inhumanely…right here on American soil…in “the land of the free”.

As a coalition of Americans, we are focused on this one thing. FREE the CHILDREN. Our motto for now…is “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND BARS”. There are many issues over which battles are being waged in this country. Today…May 1…is proof of that. For us…the bar couldn’t be any higher than to free innocent children from the grip of a cruel administration that would commit such an atrocity.

May 10th is also a key date. Correction Corporations of America (CCA) the nation’s and the world largest “for profit” prison company…and the owner of the Hutto prison camp where the innocent children are imprisoned, will be holding its annual stockholders’ meeting in Nashville, TN. We are calling on any and all individuals and organizations to hold a protest at their stockholders’ meeting on that day. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Currie Hallford and a team of fellow Americans are working up and down the hallways of the Texas Capitol…trying to keep HCR 64 alive. HCR 64 is the resolution drafted by Rep. Eddie Rodriguez and Rafael Anchia to demand the Homeland Security…Chertoff & ICE…desist from the immoral imprisoning of the immigrant children in Hutto and come up with a more humane and dignified solution. Seventeen other representatives have signed on to that bill.

Shame on Rep. David Swinford for holding up HCB 64! Shame on the Williamson County Commissioners for renewing the lease which perpetuates the immoral treatment of innocent children.

We’d also like to share this link with you. It’s a very comprehensive summary about the latest findings on Hutto, HCR 64 and the money flow…all nicely packaged with supporting links. The editor of the site appropriately uses this quote.
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Also, attached, is a program for an upcoming event. The International Solutions Forum to be held on May 5th in San Antonio and sponsored by LULAC. If interested, you can contact Armando Garcia at (210)525-9191 Ext. 32 or at

As always, journalist, Greg Moses of http://www.texascivilrighs has for months been dedicated in presenting on his on-line news site, comprehensive posts and archives of our battle to free the children as well as all the immigrants who are immorally detained “for profit” in our state and our country.


P.S. As y’all know…I started my personal protest against American tyranny by walking in protest against the border wall back in October, November as well as in February. The border wall issue is very close to my heart and is coming back into view…fast and furious. We’ll be coming up with plans to continue our protest of the wall. In the mean time…here’s a powerful expose on the issue.



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