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Email to Bustamante on his upcoming Hutto Tour

Good mornin’ Sr. Bustamante…

This is an urgent and personal appeal. PLEASE speak with the mothers and the children in the HUTTO prison camp.

In the beginning, ICE and CCA would not allow the inside of the prison camp to be visited or viewed…not by the attorneys that visited their clients, nor by the media. We pushed to get freedom of speech and freedom of the press for those on the inside and the media. Requests from all over the country for freedom of information and for a tour of the Hutto prison camp flooded ICE and CCA. We scored for “freedom of the press” when ICE and CCA were forced to allow a media tour on February 10, after they did some superficial modifications to disguise the previous conditions. But there is still no “freedom of speech”.

The children and their mothers are not allowed to speak to the media…and the media is not allowed, but prohibited, to speak with the mothers and children. That violates the international “Rights of the Child”, even though the United States is the only country aside from Somalia that has not ratified those most basic of rights.

So…PLEASE interview the mothers and children. Privately. Confidentially.

We need to know what they think, how they feel and and what suffer in Hutto.

We need to know how they’ve been treated, what they were escaping if seeking asylum.

We need to know from what countries they come.

We need to know if there has been translators to convey their thought, feelings, circumstances.

We need to know if they are able to communicate their needs to the prison guards and to our government.

We need to know if they need help, counseling, medical care.

We have been told that some mothers have given birth in the Hutto prison camp. Why was that? Was their adequate medical care for the delivery? We’ve been told that some women have been taken to a hospital in Round Rock, blind-folded and cuffed. If that is true…why? We have been told that once in the hospital that the women are cuffed to the beds while exams are being done. It that is so…why?

We the people of the United States, who are endeavoring to free these victims, are shocked that our country would commit this atrocity against the most innocent and helpless of our human family. We need help to help them. Our government is very secret about who is there, where they are from and what their circumstances and conditions are. Please help us get freedom of speech, press and freedom of information.

As we spoke yesterday, we will be holding Hutto Vigil VIII in front of the Hutto prison camp in concert with your visit on May 7th. This will be the eighth vigil since the beginning of our fight for the “liberty and justice for all” of members of our human family that are imprisoned in the Hutto prison camp.

Hasta el Lunes…




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