The Rolling Vigil for Rolling Plains Prisoner Suzi Hazahza

The following materials were previously posted as site announcements.–gm

Please join Dr. Asma Salam as she continues her rolling vigil for Rolling Plains prisoner Suzi Hazahza and all mistreated immigrants at the Dallas Federal Courthouse, 1100 Commerce St., every weekday from 9am – 4pm. At last report, Suzi’s human right to habeas corpus has been placed in ABEYANCE by the USA until May 2 (see below).

Signs of Justice

Dr. Asma Salam keeps vigil outside the Dallas Federal Courthouse (Photo by Trish Majors)

Thank you so much. I hope this protest makes a difference and God accepts our deeds. Every morning that I spent alone makes me very sad as I could not escape thinking about all that is going on inside these immigration detention centers and the ignorance and acceptance of even understanding this issue in our society. It makes me feel like we are hitting our heads against the wall. Everyday I fight this challenge with tears in my eyes that how do I make people understand how inhumane these detention centers are, and regardless of status issues no one deserves to be there. May God help us all in releasing the pain and sufferings of these families and children.

The Emerald Companies

If you can’t make the vigil, please visit the website of the folks who profit from the imprisonment of Suzi Hazahza and other mistreated immigrants: The Emerald Companies. It’s time we get to know them all better. Check out our preliminary roundup of internet resources on Emerald, “Getting to Know the Emerald Companies“.–gm

Follow the Money

Intrepid ally and web surfer Sarah Boone found a national report on private prison lobby money compiled by the Institute on Money in State Politics. The report for Texas begins on page 29 of this pdf.

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