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They Can Keep the UN from Touring Hutto, but the Vigils Continue

In the following email, Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr. responds to news that the UN Special Rapporteur for the Human Rights of Migrants has not been approved by USA authorities for a planned visit to the T. Don Hutto prison for migrant families.–gm

This is really good news folks…!!!

This whole thing more than amply exposes the epitome of Texas corruption…and how it goes all the way to the White House. Corruption that is the stench of Washington…and traumatizes our own country and the entire world.

Bush, Chertoff, ICE, CCA, DeLay, Gonzales…Perry, Craddick, Dewhurst…Swinford…and corrupt Texas elected officials of every level, city, county, state and those that have infiltrated all the way to the Administration are making a mockery of democracy by prostituting themselves to the corporate elitists. And we’ll expose them all. Now we have more need to than ever! They’re imprisoning children for profit…and they think they can use our government to get away with it!
Remember that we recently shared information with you how the D.A.of Willacy County, Juan Guerra, who was prosecuting corrupt officials that were on the take in the rush to build profit prisons like the concentration camp of immigrants in Raymondville. And…how Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales blocked federal investigations into how high up the government the corruption went…which we already know goes all the way to the White House?

Remember how we showed you how much money that CCA gets of our taxpayers money to imprison innocent children here in Texas? $7000 per month/per child….to be in 8’x12′ cells?

Remember how we recently showed you documents exposing how the State of Texas Department of Family Protective Services exempted CCA based on lies and deception so that ICE and CCA could get away with child abuse?

Remember how we showed you the $500,000+ that Texas Governor Perry, Speaker of the House Craddick and Lt. Governor Dewhurst, and how the mostly anti-immigrant legislators recently received from “for profit” prison companies?

Remember how we showed you how David Swinford, who heads the House State Affairs Committee has blocked a public hearing of HCR 64 which was authored by Rep. Eddie Rodriguez and Rafael Anchia…and co-authored by some 20 other Texas legislators. The resolution denounces Chertoff and ICE’s imprisoning innocent children and their moms at Hutto as immoral. Yet…he who receives money from CCA…serves as a buffer between corrupt tyranny and democracy…in favor of greedy corporatism. Monday is that last day that the resolution HCR 64.

Remember that we showed you that Homeland Security itself is based at HUTTO? Why else would their marked vehicles be there. Why else would they need to double the parking lot last month…for 400 children and women?

People all over the country were celebrating the fact that UN Human Rights Commission special investigator, Sr. Jorge Bustamante, was going to visit Hutto this coming Monday…and report his findings to the UN next month. The US has never been faced with an inspection by the UN for human rights violations. We should have been in previous eras. But now…we really should be. Our government is violating everything that stands for human rights…right here in America.

National media has been frighteningly uninterested in the cause of our extremely diverse group of grass roots Americans. They will embrace our desire to free innocent children from the grips of a cruel, immoral, tyrannical and therefore criminal regime that would greedily profit off of imprisoning women and children. They will learn that most some of the victims of ICE who are in Hutto have fled murder, rape, torture…while the White House, Chertoff and ICE…and of course CCA…all call it humane…and in the best interests of national security…branding them their victims as “illegal”. . . .

We are now faced in this country with something quite sinister. Our government is not allowing a UN inspector to investigate what we Americans and Texans already know to be human rights violations that resemble things we thought were horrifying when committed in other countries. And we know why they are not letting the UN investigator to tour Hutto. Our government is hiding their moral stench…!!! Maybe they can decoy, avoid, silence, prevent the U N inspector…but they will not silence us.

“We the people of the United States” will not back down? Why not? Because WE KNOW! Because this is a battle front. This is a new kind of war. Those in power who swore to “protect the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic” have not only failed…they have become the “enemies…domestic”.

Morally…this dark side is at war against “Love thy neighbor”, the “Golden Rule” of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. A war against the “Good Samaritan”. This is a moral war. And those in control are truly of the criminal and organized crime element. They are cruel and hateful.

We all know that atrocities are being committed against our human family…and they are being committed with the same false pretexts as those that put us…and keeps us…in Iraq. So that the Administration’s cronies can bilk us of $2 Billion dollars a week from the Iraq war. Like Walter Read, New Orleans, education and medical care have all but failed…they have created the State of Fear…inside of our own country…and they do it so that they can imprison children, women, asylum seekers, refugees and desperate humble people…and bilk billions of dollars through privatization doing so. We do not need to dwell for long on Halliburton…but how about Blackwater? Now we are learning about CCA, GEO(Wackenhut), Emerald, Cornell, MTC.

Mr. Bustamante knew that all across America there are people like you and me that know that our government has gone way beyond indecency. Their actions are immoral and criminal. They are above the law. They are outside the law. They are really “out laws” that have seized control of every aspect of America. They crush justice and erase the constitution in order to continue with their corrupt ways.

Mr. Bustamante was encouraged that grass roots Americans would hold a vigil in support of his visit…and to FREE the CHILDREN of Hutto. We will not let him down. We will not let ourselves down. We will not let the children and their mothers in Hutto down. Sure…they can bully the UN inspector…but WE will not be bullied…let alone by cowards. They can stop Mr. Bustamante from seeing the inside of Hutto…but they cannot stop our voice of outrage. Their decision to prevent Mr. Bustamante will sting them like the scorpion that stings itself with its own tail. Even the national media will cease to suppress this shocking atrocity. Now…the child victims of Hutto will now come to the light of America…and the world. We may finally see the likes of Geraldo Rivera, Anderson Cooper, Keith Oberman, Cris Matthews. Maybe now Oprah, Angelina Joli and Chuck Norris will weigh in. Maybe even Dan Rather?

Regardless…we WILL proceed with our Hutto Vigil VIII this coming Monday…May 7th…just as we resolved. Chertoff and ICE will not…and cannot…dissuade us by their impeding Mr. Bustamante. What Chertoff and ICE are trying to hide from the UN…we already know. Either way…we have won this battle.

Hutto Vigil VIII will take place all day in front of the Hutto prison camp. We’ll start at 10am. We’ll stop after sunset. Come any time during the day that you can. Feel free to share this invitation. Please feel free to bring your friends, family, neighbors…and members of your faith or organization.

Our statement to the leaders of this country?





(830)734-8636 (Saturday-Monday’s Hutto Vigil VIII) (cell)

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