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Ramsey Muniz on Cinco de Mayo 2009

Dear Friends:

Writings from Ramsey Muniz commemorate Cinco de Mayo in pursuit of equality and justice for Mexico and all the world. Please distribute.

From his confinement, my husband shares that on this historic day in the 21st century we are experiencing a major Mexicano, Hispanic, and Chicano cultural, spiritual, and political movement of vigorous freedom and intellectual progress. Our time has come . . .

–Irma Muniz

Dear Friends:

Cinco de Mayo was part of a struggle that began on August 13, 1521, when our most powerful civilization was invaded by the Europeans – – the Spaniards.

As a people, we have been seized and dominated since that time.

During a later struggle in 1862, French troops, large in numbers and weapons, had attacked the capital of Mexico. Within the capital in
Chapultepec resided a military academy for young Mexicano soldiers who fought the French with valor, refusing to give up their God-given dignity as a nation and as a race.

Young soldiers were driven to the top of Chapulepec where they refused to surrender. Instead they wrapped themselves in the Mexican flag and leaped to their deaths as they shouted, “Que Viva Mexico!” At that very moment the French and the entire world knew that eventually Mexico would triumph and defeat the Europeans nations.

We commemorate these events seeking equality and justice for Mexico and all of the world. We who acknowledge the plight of our ancestors maintain an eternal spirit within our hearts that cannot be defeated, for it is based on

In exile,
Ramsey Muniz – Tezcatlipoca

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