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Archive: Hutto Vigil VIII Walk – Jericho

The following materials appeared previously as site announcements–gm

Monday, May 7, 10am – sundown, at the T. Don Hutto prison for migrant families, Taylor.

They can keep Joan Baez from singing at Walter Reed. They can stop the UN from peeking inside Hutto prison. But they can’t stop the vigils. (Joanie, you can sing for us, anytime.)

In accordance with an announcement issued on April 27 from the Geneva offices of the United Nations, Special Rapporteur for Human Rights of Migrants, Jorge G. Bustamante, was expecting to tour the T. Don Hutto prison camp for migrant families on Monday, May 7.

Jorge Bustamante

Access Denied: UN Rapporteur Jorge Bustamante
Photo: Wabash College

On Thursday May 3 the Department of Homeland Security said that the UN’s visit to Hutto had never been approved. Will the USA keep the UN Rapporteur from visiting the migrant prison operated by Corrections Corporation of America?
Writes Jay Johnson-Castro: We will be protesting the inhumane imprisonment of innocent children. We will also be protesting the refusal of Chertoff (Bush) to grant access to Sr. Jorge Bustamante the special investigator for the United Nations…Human Rights Commission. We are adding a feature to this eighth vigil. It will be a walking vigil. For those who can…we will be walking up and down Welch Rd. We’re calling it Hutto Walk-Jericho. It will be an all day event…during the all day vigil. While some hold down the vigil at the entrance of Hutto, others will walk up one side of Welch Rd. back down the other carrying placards. If you have a placard, a megaphone, a camera, a camcorder, a sound maker that you want to bring…bring it. Bring water, good shoes…and a good hat.

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