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A&M Regents Approve Affirmative Action

AP (May 30, 2004) The race or ethnicity of applicants to Texas A&M University System Health

Science Center will be among the factors considered for admission beginning with the class of


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-excerpt from Houston Chronicle—–


“This is an acknowledgment that we don’t live in a meritocracy and that race can be a

detriment,” Coleman said. “Now A&M should go back and look at its other


But board members on Friday said they didn’t believe there were any

inconsistencies in banning race-based decisions at one school while allowing them at


“There are different issues at different institutions and we need to take that

into account,” said Erle Nye, vice chairman of the board. “We need bigger numbers, and we’re

committed to that.”

Gates concurred: “We all have the same goal, and that is to

increase diversity,” he said. “What matters are results, and each institution must develop its own

path. We’ve done that; the Health Science Center has done that.”

—–excerpt from

The Batt—–

By Shawn Millender (June 1, 2004)

Rachel Alderson, a senior

biology major is enrolled in medical school for the fall.

“I can see why they made that

decision,” Alderson said. “(Promoting diversity) gives you a unique perspective on different groups

of people and produces a wider variety of practicing doctors for people to choose



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