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Letter from Ramsey: July Fourth 2005

"I covered my face with my hands, and sat still in pure
unconsciousness, neither hearing nor feeling nor knowing, in the
darkness of the dungeons of America, like the deep of the sea. With no
time and no world, in depths that are timeless and worldless. It was
then that the spirituality of our ancient Mexicano ancestors reached
into the depth of my heart." — Tezcatlipoca. R. Muniz

Please forgive me for not writing and/or sharing the essences of our
spirituality, cultura, and politica. The reason for my not
communicating has now become a struggle for the beginning of my freedom.

My family, friends, and others have retained the services of an
attorney from San Antonio, Texas, named Mr. Jesse Gamez. He was
retained because the Bureau of Prisons of America has decided to
convert this hard-core penitentiary into a lower level Federal
Correctional Institution. I have suffered, sacrificed, and struggled
for 11 years in this medieval mazmorra.

Legally and administratively, I should have never been confined in
one of America’s hardest penitentiaries. I’m not a violent person nor
does my entire life’s record reveal violence. Yet I was chained and
shackled in the violence of America and its prisons.

From the beginning of this most horrible nightmare of my life I was
determined to overcome the oppression, discrimination, and unusual
punishment. I confronted the authorities here in this penitentiary and
I was instructed that if I would bring to them perfect, clear conduct
without violence, with perfect testing for drugs and alcohol for 10
years, I would qualify for a transfer to a Federal Correctional

Well guess what! I reached into our spirituality and decided that I
could accomplish the latter because I had a responsibility to fulfill
this not only for myself, but most importantly for my family, my
friends, mi gente, mi raza, y Aztlan! Yes, I accomplished the

For the past 11 years my prison records reflect perfection in all
classifications of this prison. I also took the time in the darkness of
this prison to teach, to share, and embrace ancient Mexicano
spirituality, cultura and political ideology. The teachings are now
available for all. Many years I took the time to teach classes on our
history, cultura, and future. If some doubt my words, please make
reference to the new, fresh Mexicano/Chicano/Hispanic/Latino who is
rising into the midst of our struggle.

I’m not a criminal. I’m a spiritual/cultural leader
of the 21st century.

The attorney, Irma, Norma, Roland, Juan, Oscar, Dr. Guerrero,
Clotilde, Bob, Raul, Alvaro, Oscar and Diana, Adolfo, Bobby, Erika,
Kiko, and many more from the entire southwest are presently involved in
trying to have me transferred from the darkness of these prisons to a
Federal Correctional Institution.

You will find, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the United States
government will never confine a white-collar crime defendant in these
violent prisons. Yet they found it convenient to shackle my soul in the
belly of this beast for 11 years. Ya basta! No more! I will struggle
and fight against this injustice on my life to the end. I will not rest
until I’m transferred to a Federal Correctionl Institution!

With my heart in my hand I ask and pray that you join me in this
most humane struggle for justice and enlightenment. If you wish to
assist me in this humanistic struggle, please be so kind as to contact
my wife, Irma Muniz. For 11 years she has faithfully visited several
times a year. It is so amazing and astonishing that I requested an
institutional record of her visitations, and even that is beyond
perfection. As a people, as a family, as soul-mates, we are truly
strong and brave as we have been from the time of our creation.

"As I embrace our ancient, sacred Indigenous
spirituality, I’m transformed by a passion I have discovered from our
past. Now I perceive it in my own Mexicano soul. I have been given
access to a great and profound secret. Now I know the imprisonment,
suffering, sadness, sorrow, grief, and sacrifice of my ancient
ancestors, and it has become my own.”

R. Muniz – Tezcatlipoca

Received via email from Irma Muniz, 1 July 2005.

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