Why Wouldn't White Folks Want to See 'Black Movies'?: A Cape Cod Reply

Mr. Moses:

In reply to your article titled “Racism at Cape Cod?”

The introduction to your story raises another issue
of “racism” which begs the question: When will
white people get away from self-centeredness and
learn to seek out and enjoy “black” movies?

It is not unusual to see black folks (and members
of other “minority” groups) waiting in long lines outside
of theaters showing “white” movies (i.e., movies with
predominantly white characters and, perhaps,
“white” themes). When will white folks learn to value
(or, at least, respect) the talent, culture and skin color
of other peoples, as other peoples have learned to
respect the talent, culture and skin color of whites?

I have a sneaking suspicion that white folks really are
watching “black” movies– maybe they just wait until
the “black” movies come out on video or DVD, and then
they can “sneak it” from their local video store. Much
the way white folks use to sneak and listen to black
music during the Jim Crow Era of racial segregation and
racial terrorism. Back then, a white person could get
killed for admitting they liked black music.

A modern day “hidden shame” may be at work today when it comes to “black” movies. Or perhaps it is true, as I’ve
heard some suggest, that white men won’t take their
girlfriends to see any of the rare black “date flicks”
because they can’t stand to have their girlfriends
watching a black man having sex on the big screen
(big name movie stars like Denzil Washington and
Will Smith, seem to avoid sex on screen like the
plague– some say because of the continued white
male fear of the black penis).

It’s like listening to the “liberal” NPR radio network
where you hear programs about sit-coms, and you
listen for a half an hour or forty-five minutes to a show
where black sit-coms are not mentioned even once. Do
those folks believe that there is something inherently
“profound” and “superior” about white sit-coms? I’ve
watched both “white” and “black” sit-coms, and they
seem equally stupid to me; both re-cycling the same
old sight gags and the same old story lines. Even
Seinfeld admitted his show was mostly “about nothing.”

No “black” movies in the theaters of Cape Cod?
I insist that this is an example of the self-centered racism
that continues to haunt white society. A kind of racism
that has major news outlets focusing massive attention
on missing white women, while ignoring those women of
other races who have gone missing.

It is an issue of what white folks value: and they seem to
have little value for (or fear of) things labeled “not white.”

Ronald Jackson
Staten Island
Posted by permission of the author.

The writer points up a crucial issue regarding liberal “public radio” and other usual suspects of the progressive left. Truth in labeling would usually require “progressive” institutions to be say it plain: “WHITE progressive.”–gm

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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