Dr. Asma Salam's Call for Prayer in the Matter of the Holy Land Foundation Trial

Assalamu Alaikum,

I strongly believe in the power of prayer as God has himself said that no evil can touch us with out His will and no one can harm whom He wants to save. Why sometimes evil surround us is not a mystery. I think it is God’s way of testing our strength and love for Him. These tests, trials and tribulations increase the depth of our soul and are just a next step towards Heaven. God is most forgiving and most merciful, He forgive us if we truly asks His help and guidance through prayers as God has said that “Ask Me and you will get whatever you seek.”

I also believe in the power of congregational prayers, as it unites community and align our souls for a good cause. Is it possible that you ask Imams of most if not all mosques in DFW and other cities to have a special prayer during Khutba or after Khutba before Juma prayer for HLF brothers starting this Juma and continuing on other Jumas in Ramadan so that God forgive them, and forgive us and all Muslim community. This is a very critical time for all of us and not for them only. I wish we all pray together and remember the power of unity as God mentioned to hold on to the rope with strength and not to be divided, ” Wa atasamu bi hablillah e jamian wala tafaraqu.”

My prayers are with these brothers and their families. May God have mercy on them and on us. Amen.

Best regards
Asma Salam, MD

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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