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Update on Ramsey

Dear Friends:
This note contains current information on the condition of Ramsey Muniz. He remains ill, and is fighting two kinds of bacteria. One bacteria causes liquid to surround his stomach area, and the other has infected his blood. He is improving, but the progress is slow. Below is a synopsis of his progress:

Friday, September 2: I visit Ramsey from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM. They run several procedures, including hemodialysis to filter his blood, as it is infected with E.Coli. They drain liters of bile from the abdomen area through a procedures called paracentesis. Ramsey is out of character, because of the medication administered. He is very irritated,and pulls out a tube from his nose that is used to suction liquid from his stomach. The doctor decides to leave the tube off, and monitors for liquid buildup.

I receive a call from the doctor in the evening. He informs me that the leakage has ceased.

Saturday, September 3: Ramsey undergoes hemodialysis for approximately 4 hours. He also undergoes other procedures and remains heavily sedated. He hardly speaks.

Sunday, September 4: Ramsey speaks, though conversations are brief. I do most of the talking. He informs me that the doctor has visited him and says that he is improving. His face indeed shows improvement, and I have a renewed sense of hope in his recovery. His face reflects amazement and disbelief about what he has experienced.

Monday, September 5: Ramsey undergoes hemodialysis for approximately 3 hours. This difficult procedure leaves him weak and sedated.

Tuesday, September 6: His abdominal area is again drained through the procedure called paracentesis. Three liters are drained, and he is later seen by the doctor who says that a lot of fluid still remains around his abdomen.

Because he has not undergone hemodialysis, he more alert, and converses a little.

His condition is as follows: Fluid around the abdomen. The fluid has yeast, and it is being treated with an antibiotic that fights yeast. He is also being give arimaxin, a general antibiotic.

Wednesday, September 7: He undergoes hemodialysis for approximately 2 hours. He remains weak, but converses a little.

Our sincerest gratitude goes to all who have expressed compassion, love, and concern, and more importantly to those who pray on behalf of my husband.

Irma Muniz

received via email Sept. 8, 2005

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