An Appeal to Help Jay Keep his Home

Email from Dr. Francisco Javier Iribarren:

I met Jay some time ago. Actually I read about him and I contacted him. To make a long story short, he is the reason why I became involved in denouncing and exposing for-profit concentration camps for immigrants on US soil.

His commitment to the helpless and forgotten, his unbridled enthusiasm and his earnestness bonded me to him, and I have called him my brother ever since. He has walked hundreds of miles, and traveled thousands, all in an effort to denounce the for-profit concentration camps. Jay has inspired others to get involved, and he is a good man.

I walked with him once; I joined him near Haskell some months ago, and I saw first hand the horror of for-profit incarceration of innocents: the prison at Haskell is a private human warehouse where a private corporation is receiving government funds to hold human beings locked away. I also traveled to meet him and others to the border in San Diego to denounce the building of the wall.

Jay continues to work on behalf of these innocents, and denouncing the government-corporate partnership fueling the criminalization of immigrants. Jay has spent, and continues to do so, from his own money going to different places where immigrants are being held for-profit: he spends his own money and gives of his own time during his walks of denunciation against the border wall and the concentration camps on Texas soil.

Jay is about to lose his bed-and-breakfast because he is behind on several payments. Jay needs our help now, and I humbly request that those of us able to help him out, to do something. If you can help, below you have a couple of different routes through which you can do it.

Dr. Francisco Javier Iribarren

You may make your donation one of two ways
(1) To donate through PayPal, please go to the PayPal “Send Money” page
and make you payment to

(2) To donate by Check through the Mail:
Please make your check payable to: Jay J. Johnson or Jay Johnson
Then mail check to: 123 Hudson Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840
If you wish to receive a mailed receipt, please include the following information:
Proof of payment will be furnished by email _____ or Fax ______ (choose one, please)
Email address _____________________ Fax # ( )___________________

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