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Ramsey Muniz: El Diez y Seis de Septiembre in the 21st Century

Dear Friends:

The enclosed writings of Diez y Seis de Septiembre
from my beloved husband, Ramsey, are dedicated to the
youth. You are welcome to share his message in
Diez y Seis de Septiembre celebrations.

Irma Muniz


By Ramsey Muniz

It is with great pride and love that I share the
following message from this mode of darkness, which
imprisons my body to this day, though my soul continues
to be in an interior realm of spiritual freedom.

Everywhere from the roots of Mexico throughout
the entire Southwest within the United States of
America, Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, and Mexicanos
– whatever we decide to call ourselves – will be
celebrating one of our most profound historical days
of liberation. All the way from the mountains of
Mexico we will hear in our hearts “El Grito” which
symbolizes the struggle of a people against enslavement,
oppression, injustice, and death sentences through

Mexicanos throughout will celebrate
this day like never before. For that reason it is
important for those who seek the enlightenment of
historical freedom to make sure that history is
recorded once again in the hearts and minds of the
masses. Does history repeat itself, or are its
repetitions only penance for those who are incapable
of listening to it? No history in the world is mute.

No matter how much they change it, destroy it, break
it, and lie about it, human history refuses to be
silent. Despite deafness and ignorance, the time that
WAS continues to tick inside the time that IS. Now
more than ever we must insist on it and act on it so
as not to repeat the past of oppression and injustice,
but to keep it from being repeated. The memories of
El Dies y Seis de Septiembre are in the air we breathe,
and from the air of liberation it breathes us.

During this incarceration of fourteen (14) years
I have many times been in solitary confinement where
I found the true spiritual enlightenment of our ancient
historical past regarding spiritual leaders and
heroes who carried liberation in their hearts.

With little light to read in a mode of darkness I
embraced our Mexicano sacred, indigenous spirituality and
was transformed by the humanistic passion I discovered about
our past. Now I perceive it in my own Mexicano soul, with
the destiny of sharing it with the entire world. From this
cold darkness I was destined and given access to a great and
profound secret. Now I know from the celebration of El Diez y Seis
de Septiembre the suffering, sacrifice, sorrow, sadness,
grief, and imprisonment of our ancient ancestors, our
warriors and our heroes, and it has become my own.

“For they had always known within themselves the
length of their days. The moon, the year, and the day
and the night, the breath of life were fulfilled and
they passed. The blood was fulfilled and came to the
place of its rest. As also it had come to its power and
its dignity. During their time they had repeated the
good prayers; they had sought the lucky days when the
good stars watched over them. Then they kept vigil, when
the good stars watched over them. Then all was good.”

Chilam Balam of Chumayel

Celebrations of this most glorious day in the history
of our lives will be received with an embrace of
spirituality, harmony, kindness, faith, courage, dignity,
forgiveness, and love for all humanity on this earth,
as we invite on behalf of our people. It was written in
our ancient manuscripts and symbols that we would encounter
oppression and injustices in the existence and essence of
our history. Within the hearts and minds of destined brothers
and sisters, however, we were to overcome and rise once again,
benefiting not only our people but ALL of humanity.

In the past, our entire ancient spiritual history was
composed and cultivated by our youth. I share with you the
spoken words of our last Mexicano Emperor, Cuauhtemoc.
On August 13, 1521, he stated the following just before his

“Now we mandate our children also not to forget to
transmit to their children how it will be, how we will
reunite, how we will rise again, how we will reach out,
and how we will fulfill the great destiny of our race.”

From within this imprisonment of my life I dedicate
this Diez y Seis de Septiembre to our youth. Our freedom,
the Rising of the Sixth Sun, and the termination of
oppression and injustices against humanity will one day
end with the acceptance of our youth as our leaders today,
tomorrow, and in our next world. From the chains
and shackles that bear their marks on my body I ask youth
organizations in the barrios, community centers, and high
schools to prepare themselves culturally, spiritually,
with a hunger for intelligence. I have constant dreams of
young Hispanic/Latino/Chicano/Mexicano
brothers and sisters becoming the voice politically,
socially, economically of nuestra gente.

MEChA chapters and other organizations throughout universities
and colleges must now step forward and accept their destinies.
History is on our side and gradually the prophecies are
fulfilled by those who were chosen and destined from the

I share spoken words from one of Mexico’s greatest
heroes of freedom and humanity. At times I feel that his
presence within this confinement, for he was incarcerated
not only in the prisons of Mexico, but in the end of his
most glorious powerful spiritual life he died at the
Leavenworth United States Penitentiary. In his writing
he once stated, “My dream of beauty and my beloved visions
of a humanity living in peace, love and liberty will
not die with me. While there is on earth a painful heart
or an eye full of tears, my dreams and my visions will
live” (Ricardo Flores Magon; March 16, 1922).

Almost eighty years later here I am, Ramiro Ricardo
Muniz, also confined but sharing with the entire world
that his dreams and visions were fulfilled as mine, will
be with our youth — our young Hispanics,
Latinos, Chicanos, and Mexicanos will one day embrace the
same dreams and visions for the life of freedom and justice
in his world and in our future.

Constantly the visions and
the message of our youth embracing, accepting and finally
becoming a part of our reawakening of our spiritual consciousness.
In our ancient writings it is called Mexicayotl. On September 16,
our heroes, those who took destiny into their hearts were also
recreating power of Mexicayotl. Celebrate this most profound day
of our history and know that on the 16th I will personally be in
meditation, seeking our ancient spirituality so that love for humanity
becomes a part of the lives of our youth.

In exile,
Ramsey – Tezcatlipoca

“We want only to show you something
we have seen and tell you something
we have heard .. that here and there
in the world and now and then in ourselves
is a new spiritual Mexicano creation.”

Ramsey Muniz


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