Archive: Protest Walker Opposes Splitting Families

Border Wall-ker presses for resolutions against splitting immigrant families

By Steve Taylor
Rio Grande Guardian (subscription)

BROWNSVILLE – Border Wall-ker Jay Johnson-Castro is asking border legislators and the cities he is currently walking through to follow the City of Chicago’s lead and pass resolutions opposing the separation of immigrant families.

Johnson-Castro, a bed and breakfast owner from Del Rio, said his latest walk, which started Wednesday morning in Brownsville, aims to “free the Huddled Masses.”

The walk takes in vigils outside the IES facility in Los Fresnos that houses immigrant children, and the Port Isabel Detention Center in Bayview, where immigrants from Massachusetts were recently sent.

The walk ends in Raymondville on Sunday at the new U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement-run detention facility commonly referred to as Tent City….

[[Note: next week Jay Johnson-Castro will join Dallas vigils calling for reunification of the Hazahza family, which has been split since a roundup in early November.–gm]

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