Honks and Thumbs Up for Walk Against Immigrant Prisons

Jay Johnson-Castro concluded his fourth day of walking early Saturday afternoon and is resting up for the final nine mile stretch to Raymondville tomorrow.

A vigil outslide the Raymondville Tent City prison camp is scheduled for 1:00 pm Sunday.

For the past two days, Johnson-Castro has had a few companions on the trek. Friday was a day without media. Saturday saw a news team from KGBT Channel 4 TV Harlingen.

“Here’s what’s shocking,” says Johnson-Castro by cell phone Saturday evening. “We get get honks of support constantly, even without much media coverage. The grassroots people know.”

“Tractor trailers,Cadillacs, SUVs, and old jalopies give us honks and thumbs up.”

Meanwhile, back home at the Texas Civil Rights Review, we have permission to publish the following email about Friday’s story reprinted at CounterPunch:

Dear Greg Moses,

Great story. Please keep up the good work.

Please, tell Jay Johnson-Castro and John Neck that it’s a good thing that they’re doing.

Thank them for me, and for all Americans who still treasure ideals now foresaken.

John Francis Lee

Dear John, I read the email to Jay, and he will be in touch.–gm

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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