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Aztlan Struggle and Spirituality by Ramsey Muniz

Dear Friends:

We wish to thank Univision, the League of United Latin American Citizens, and the American GI Forum for a successful press conference held in San Antonio, Texas. Our deepest gratitude goes to Rosa Rosales, Rolando P. Garza, Joe Ortiz, Sam Alvarado and all of our suporters who continue to work for the freedom of
Ramsey Muniz. Below are writings received from Ramsey. Please distribute.–Irma L. Muniz

July 9, 2006

“The Mexican problem is not really a problem incumbent only to Mexico; it is a universal problem. It is the problem of hunger, the problem that the disinherited of all the world have to resolve under the penalty of living with their bodies bent down under the yoke of the master class. To deny solidarity to the Mexican workingmen who are struggling to conquer their economic freedom is to stand against the labor cause in general because the cause of the wage-slave against his master has no frontiers.

It is not a national problem, but a universal conflict. It is the cause of all the disinherited of the world over, of everyone who has to work with his hands and his brains to bring his family a loaf of bread.”

Ricardo Flores Magon
1914. Mexicano Revolutionary

Around one hundred years ago, nuestra gente, nuestra raza, and our sisters and brothers from the Holy Land of Mexico who journeyed across the borders of Aztlan, find ourselves in the same struggle that Flores-Magon spoke and wrote about during the 1910 Mexican Revolution. It is not only an immigration
problem on behalf of America, but it is the all embracing quality that is absolutely necessary for us to embrace as the consciousness of a mission pertaining to life, equality, justice, spirituality, and in becoming one once again. It is our moral and conscious duty to provide the necessary element for our sisters and brothers to become part of us here in Aztlan. In
reality, we of the 21st Century are simply fulfilling the
prophecies of our ancient Mexicano past, which has not passed at all. It is a Mexicano spiritual mission that cannot come from human resolve. It can only come as the emanation of a super Mexicano personal soul – the organ of a higher destiny – a divinity.

And that super personal Mexicano soul is called “Mexicayotl” (me-shee-ka-yotl). In our ancient Mexicano spiritual/cultural lives, Mexicayotl was the Nahuatl organ of a higher destiny for the future of our people. It was to become a divinity with the essence of Nahuatl power. It is a power to be embraced and
shared by all of us, not only here in Aztlan, but with our sisters and brothers from our Holy Land of Mexico. This same consciousness which is spiritual in nature is the same that Ricardo Flores Magon, Zapata, Villa, Chavez, Hidalgo, Juarez, and Marcos shared with all Mexicanos/Mexicanas who seek justice, liberation and land in their lives. Mexicayotl is spiritual in origin and nature simply because of its suffering, sacrifices,
and the eventual task of becoming free once again.

“As I embrace our ancient Mexicano indigenous spirituality, I’m transformed by a passion I have discovered from our past. Now I perceive it in my own Mexicano soul. During this mode of confinement and darkness, chained and shackled of my soul, I have been given access to a great and profound secret. Now I know the imprisonment, suffering, sadness, sorrow, grief, and sacrifices of my ancient ancestors, and it has become my own.”

Ramsey Muniz – Tezcatlipoca

The time has come for us Mexicanos, Chicanos, Hispanics, Latinos, and Mexican Americans to reunite as a people, as a race, and as a nation. As long as we think that we are different, we will continue to be divided, defeated, and conquered once again in the 21st Century. It is my present mission and spiritual
destiny to share with all Mexicanos in the prison system of America that in reality “todos somos uno.” At times I can feel the ill feelings and hatred in the hearts of many, due to past experiences and teachings. But once we are able to communicate as we did in our past, the present and future will become the prophecy that I have fulfilled for our ancient spiritual ancestors.
At times I can feel, dream, and see that we are at the peak of becoming one once again. The elements of self-hatred, jealousy, envy and prejudice are gradually becoming a thing of an American past.

It is our duty as Mexicanos here in Aztlan and America to open communications spiritually, culturally, and politically with our Holy Land of Mexico. The cold Berlin wall they speak about structuring is for the purpose of dividing us once again as a people. Every congressional bill or law proposed against our people
is anti-spiritual, anti-raza, anti-cultural, anti-heroic, and anti-Mexicayotl. But since the past can never destroy the future, only attempt to thwart it, there lies the possibility that Aztlan and all Mexicanos in America will follow many decades of degradation, chaos, imprisonment in vast numbers, darkness, stultification, miseria, and wasting away. What can we do? Que vamos hacer? The answer once again, as we have done in our past, is the power of
spiritual/cultural/political mobilization. Why do I share the existence of this topic on this night of 7/10/06? Because the spirits of our ancient ancestors have become my own, and the motivation of our power struggle in our age of absolute politics lies in our spiritual/cultural divinity.

In conclusion, many will agree and disagree with my writings on the forthcoming of our Mexicano spiritual/cultural mobilization throughout Aztlan and in our Holy Land of Mexico. Many will think that
because I’m confined in this mode of darkness that I am unable to personally witness the injustices and oppression of our people in the so-called free world. The spirits, the prophecies, and the messages
of our ancient spiritual ancestors have become a part of my life. I have been chosen and destined to write, to share and to embrace with all Mexicanos the forthcoming “spiritual/cultural mobilization” into
the 21st Century, “armados con Mexicayotl.” I have accepted Aztlan’s world mission of justice, liberation and land. Mi gente, mi raza, solamente por medio de Mexicayotl realizaremos el llenamiento de la mision Mundial de Aztlan.

In exile,
(Ramsey Muniz)

“Infinite pain: For the pain of imprisonment is the harshest, most devastating pain, murdering the mind, searing the soul, leaving marks that will never be erased.”

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