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Love Letter from Ramsey Muniz

A letter from Ramsey to Irma L. Muniz: Received From Florence, Colorado

I shall never allow my hands to be idle or
my Mexicano soul to rest until I have broken the
chains and shackles which chain us to imprisonment,
oppression, injustice, wickedness, disrespect, and
deceit. It is stated in the ancient past that when
a man is loved by a courageous woman, he will eventually embrace the realm of liberation. I’m so deeply in love with your courage and love that you have for freedom, for justice, and for the spirituality that your father always bestowed upon you.
When we parted this afternoon I choked with tears
of sorrow and sadness that I have never known, as if I
were a child recently born and my mother had parted
from me. Yet the love with which you embraced overcame those feelings immediately. I thank God for permitting me to experience those feelings, thus confirming that my corazon is full of love.

“How was it that our lips met, How is it that the birds sing, That the snow melts, That the rose opens,
That April blooms, That the dawn whitens behind the
Trees on the shivering summit on the Sun when our lips met.”

Citlalmina, always remember that if there were no suffering, sorrow, or sacrifice, as Mexicanos we
would not know our limitations. We would not know
ourselves, and the hardest thing is to be able to
unite in our souls the meaning of all – love. What
is this love of ours? Love, our love is light – the
light that brings all hearts together that seek the
enlightenment which we possess in our hearts.

Please don’t worry and/or judge those who refuse
to assist our fight for Freedom. The day will come
when all of us must answer to the Creator and ourselves.

Take it to your heart. There is no question that one day we will be free physically, because in our souls we are spiritually free. Even when Jesus Christ fasted those 40 days without bread or water, seeking the
words of God and direction, and at the end the devil
(the oppressor) offered him a piece of bread and Jesus
refused thus stating: “Man does not live by bread alone.”

In other words, when those so-called leaders refused to submit a small piece of bread or a drip off water to wet my lips, it meant nothing to me, because God had already given me the spiritual right to live once more. He showed me the light of freedom, the light of justice, the light of love, the light of forgiveness, and the light of providing truth to the masses of humanity. Yo te quiero, te amo, and I thank you for coming into my life once again.

You have light in your heart!


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