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Faculty-Staff Group Asks Again for Leadership

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“The issue of admissions is fundamental to the university. Our

differences with the president’s
policy regarding admissions are well known. While we are pleased

that the university has
increased efforts in the areas of outreach and scholarships (including the

diversity fellowship),
the academic literature on minority enrollment is clear: affirmative action

is necessary to combat
existing bias in American society and create a diverse campus. Early evidence

from next year’s
class suggests that minority enrollments are up, and we are encouraged by this.

However, this
data is still preliminary. More importantly, the short-term effect of these efforts

does not speak to
the long-term ability of TAMU to maintain a diverse student body. We urge the

president to
reconsider his policy and allow race and ethnicity to be considered in university

Because there is significant debate among those who support the consideration of race

admissions as to how such criteria are to be applied, we would also encourage TAMU to

the admissions policies of the Vision 2020 institutions.”

[May 18 (2004)

Recommendations from Texas A&M Univ. Faculty and Staff Committed to an Inclusive Campus (FSCIC) p.


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