I Asked the Governor to Stop Playing God

CounterPunch readers respond to ‘Cruel and Unusual Excuse’

Dear Editor:

I live in Texas and read your article on CounterPunch. I have called and left a message on the Governor’s citizen’s opinion line asking Perry to find some humility, to stop playing God, admit that mistakes have been made and could be made again, and stop the death penalty. We don’t need to murder people in order to stop murder. We need to take care of our community – that is how we stop murder.

Thanks again

Clare Walsh
Spring, Texas

* * * * * *

Dear Editor,

I continue to enjoy your writings, especially about the goings on Texas, and, especially regarding the draconian mentality of the Texas Criminal System when it comes to executing people.

Sure, I don’t enjoy the fact this travesty of justice is being committed. And, it reminds me of how cold the state leaders are–both those who kill and those who are accessories by allowing it to happen over and over again.

The governor, himself, is the true murderer. How can he sleep and walk around without a conscious. However, I reckon, he was mentored really well by the former governor, Bush, who is still murdering people, but on a larger scale.

Thank you for your thought provoking and fine writing.

Jerel Shaw

* * * * * *

Dear Editor:

I remember a decade ago at a party in San Antonio we were shoked because it is so easely accepted that somebody can shoot somebody who comes to that person’s front door, I think the case was sombody coming to repossess a car which was not being paid for, may be that story was not
true, but my short stay in Texas left me an impression of driving around Dow chemicals plants and field where chained (dark) prisoners worked.

And worse of all of, people (governors) claiming to be christians but showing none of the demand of that religion, first of all : do not kill!

To me somebody who has the power to prevent a death and does not do it, is certainly a coward, but when he does it repeatidly I am starting to say he is a murderer!

Most murders are spur of the moment, commited by young people who are drugged, drunk, high on testosterone, do we have to ask that white people be also put to death for the same crime for people to start realizing it is their children who are being comndemed without any hope for forgiveness ever?

To bad your essay is not front page of the Houston Chronicle.

Genevieve Bart

* * * * * *

Dear Editor:

Thanks for an informative piece as always. Some of us suspect that
the Europeans are preparing a dossier for an eventual criminal
indictment of certain officials in the US executive branch and perhaps
a corporate media titan or two. Perhaps the Robert Black response
will be an exhibit in an international trial someday.


By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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