In Texas: Judge Okays Six Months for Hazahzas; Jay Plans Haskell Vigil II

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro.


I don’t know if you know but it looks like the judge has said no to the Hazahza situation. What I read was that the courts think they should stay in jail for six months. Please let me know your thoughts,

My thoughts are simple…

I’m saddened…disappointed. And…what will they do with them after six months? Further destroy their lives?

The greed for money and the collective complicity is manifest. $7000 per month per victim x 6 months amounts to $42,000. There are 4 Hazahzas. $42,000 x 4 = $168,000.

The people who commit this are immoral, un-American…and ultimately criminal. It was legal to own, raise, and sell slaves at one time, too. They have just found a new way to enslave people for money. As in the case of slavery…a lot of humans suffered at the hands of those with political power over their lives. Lives are being ruined. Families are being ruined. Communities are being ruined.

I will be shortly sending out an insider’s report on how all this has come about. There are too many people who siphon money off of this immoral and inhumane design. When we break this mold…there will be a lot of people who will long remember. They’ll remember who committed these crimes against humanity…and who didn’t do anything. I will not be in either of those categories. I will continue to fight to free the victims.

Haskell will always be remembered for being a prison camp of people who never committed a crime. I only hope the people of the City of Haskell and Haskell County separate themselves from those who fail to protect innocent people…and even oppose such a travesty.

I am going to be doing a walk against such prisons in Cameron and Willacy Counties this next week. Not long after that…we will bring even more attention to Haskell to hold a vigil. When we do…the Haskell prison camp will be an embarrassment to the state, Perry and to the nation.

That’s my take…and thanks for asking.

Jay The Hazahza imprisonment began in early November. A six-month term would not end until late April.–gm

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