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Archive: Hazahzas and the Whole Truth

The following commentary was previously posted in the announcement section.–gm

For further accounts of the disparity between what ICE says and what the Hazahzas have lived through, see Brett Shipp’s review of the T. Don Hutto press tour. We congratulate Shipp for validating the voices of immigrants in relation to ICE propaganda, but we are dismayed that Shipp’s report does not mention that his key sources, Juma and Mohammad, are desperately seeking reunion with their imprisoned family at the Rolling Plains prison.
Given the power of Shipp’s reach, and the natural connection between what ICE says and what the Hazahzas experience, omission of the family’s continued separation suggests a whiff of exploitation. Doesn’t ICE claim that it keeps families together? What would Mohammad and Juma have to say about that? We can only hope the debt will be repaid in short order.

To quote the Hazahzas and not mention Haskell? We don’t get it. Please show us Mr. Shipp that there is a larger plan of reporting here, because there is no excuse for knowing about Mohammad’s sister Suzi and failing to act today.

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