PA Gov Sends Troops, Clarifies Right of Command

The Operation Jump Start Memorandum of Understanding does not give “supporting states” rights of mission review, but the Pennsylvania Governor has demanded that right says the press release below. The Texas Governor, being from a “supported state” is required to review missions, but in response to two public information requests from the Texas Civil Rights Review, the Texas Governor’s Office says it has no documentation of such approvals on file.–gm
HARRISBURG, Pa., July 27 /PRNewswire/ — Governor Edward G. Rendell has authorized the Pennsylvania National Guard to allow up to 500 soldiers and airmen to volunteer to deploy to Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas for up to 90 days to patrol along the U.S.-Mexico border in support of Operation Jump Start.

In a related action, Governor Rendell signed a modified addendum to the Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Defense and the governors of the border states.

“I would not sign a Memorandum of Agreement without making it clear that the commonwealth, as a state sending soldiers and airmen to perform this mission, retains command and control and the right to review these deployments,” the Governor said. “We also have the right to recall these personnel to Pennsylvania at any time we need them to perform emergency duty here.”

“We plan to send our soldiers and airmen in increments of about 100 personnel between next month and September,” said Maj. Gen. Jessica L. Wright, Pennsylvania’s Adjutant General. “Since these troops will be deployed in a federally funded duty status there will be no cost incurred by the commonwealth.”

Press Release Source: Pennsylvania Office of the Governor; Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Says Pennsylvania National Guard Members May Volunteer for Operation Jump Start; Thursday July 27, 5:15 pm ET; Action Clarifies State Command and Control of Guard Forces (Yahoo Finance).

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