Reporter Visits Week-Old Guard Outpost in Texas

“Their job here is to help us, to be our eyes and ears and report to the agent who is nearby,” said Marfa sector deputy chief patrol agent John Smietana Jr.

Standing on a windswept hill overlooking the river about 20 miles southwest of Sierra Blanca, Smietana said the Texas Army National Guard troops now provide 24-hour surveillance along a stretch of the Rio Grande that is so parched it easily can be crossed on foot. Known as entry-identification teams, the soldiers have operated a lightly camouflaged lookout post for about a week.
July 28, 2006, 10:40PM; Eyes of Texas Guard on the border: Troops keeping watch on remote western stretch of Rio Grande; By JOHN W. GONZALEZ;
Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle Google Map of Sierra Blanca, TX

See also this tv report from News5 about an observation post in the Valley that will be operated by the Guard for about another two years.

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