Plan Mexico: Militarizing Marijuana


Austin, 8 de junio. El gobierno de Felipe Calderón solicitó formalmente al Congreso de Estados Unidos incrementar la ayuda para el combate al narcotráfico, reveló el presidente del Comité de Inteligencia de la Cámara de Representantes, Silvestre Reyes, para quien es factible implementar en México un proyecto similar al plan Colombia, aunque sin presencia militar.

Bill Weinberg’s Blog June 10

The government of Mexican President Felipe Calderón has issued a formal request to the US Congress for a huge increase in military aid to combat narco-gangs. The request came in a recent US-Mexico Inter-Parliamentary Meeting held in Austin, TX, and was revealed to the Mexican daily La Jornada by Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-TX), leader of the House Intelligence Committee. La Jornada called the request a “Plan Colombia” for Mexico, although without an actual US military troop presence. (La Jornada, June 8)

John Ross, CounterPunch, June 18

Like Plan Colombia, Mexico will be gifted with tons of military equipment, whiz-bang technology, and billion buck grants to battle the cartels, although U.S. troops will be held out of the package (for now) because of Mexico’s long-standing resistance to such deployment. The U.S. military has invaded Mexico eight times since both countries won their independence from Europe 200 years ago.

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